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Platina II Hyperdry

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TUSA Platina II Hyperdry - Cobalt Blue
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Platina II Hyperdry

Regular price £27.95 £28.00 Sale

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 Review

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Platina II Hyperdry

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Platina II Hyperdry

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Brand: TUSA

Model: Platina II Hyperdry

SKU: 7848-3

The SP170 Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel from TUSA has a hyperdry system on the top of the snorkel with three current rectifying plates that deflect water from entering the snorkel. New pre-angled purge valve below the mouthpiece to eliminate gurgling of water by breathing and let air bubbles pass by the side of the face.


Semi Rigid Tube will hold the snorkel's shape and airway but is flexible enough to bend in half without breaking for easy storage and packing.


Quick Release Buckle can be kept on the mask strap and clip the snorkel on and off as needed. The buckle also features a swivelling feature to angle the snorkel comfortably.


One Way Purge Valve at the base of the snorkel keeps water in the snorkel away from your mouth and pushes any water out of the snorkel whenever you breath out.


  • Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort.
  • Detachable two-sectional swivel adapter to minimise the pulling feeling.
  • Three-dimensional pipe curve for the ideal angle for snorkeling.

The three-dimensional pipe curve is the result of years of snorkel design and repeated model changes. Using the average posture when swimming on the surface as the basis, it maintains the ideal angle for effective breathing. To insure that the pipe top is close to the top of the head, it is curved along the head section and has an incline at the back. This creates a greater feeling of unity between the snorkel and head to further reduce water resistance


* Snorkel Deflection Shield Colour May Differ From Pictured.

due to non-compulsory EU guidelines the splash guards on the top of snorkels no longer needs to be orange in colour and now will be more colour co-ordinated.

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TUSA Platina II Hyperdry - Features

FeatureProduct Specification
Lower Bend
?This section of the snorkel bends the tube to angle the mouthpiece towards the mouth for a comfortable fit. A simple snorkel will have a fixed angle piece with a smooth internal and external surface that does not offer any flexibility.

Most snorkels, however, have either a semi flexible or fully flexible silicone section that offers some or complete flexibility over the angle and position of the mouthpiece.

For snorkellers a semi flexible section can some times be more beneficial as it keeps the mouthpiece close to the mouth whereas a scuba diver would prefer a fully flexible version that moves the mouthpiece out of the way of the regulator.

Regardless of the choice it is important that the corrugation that allows the section to flex so much is only on the outside of the snorkel. Ridges on the inside of the snorkel causes the air flow to slow and spin, taking more effort to breathe and creating dead air spaces.
Corrugated Flexible
Mouthpiece Size
?Most snorkells are designed to be used by a variety of people including adults, teenagers and children but not everyone finds the standard size mouthpieces comfortable because they are too large. There are snorkels fitted with smaller motuhpiece to make use much more comfortable.
Purge Valve
?A one way purge valve can be incorporated into the frame or nose section to allow for hassle free mask clearing. The diver just needs to tilt his/her head to allow the water to flow to the valve and be purged out.
?The main body of the snorkel can either be rigid or flexible each with its own benefits. Rigid snorkels maintain their shape and airway no matter the current or abuse but they can be cumbersome and will often break before they bend so pack them carefully.

Flexible snorkels can bend and flex and are made to keep the airway open and maintain their shape but in strong currents and rolled for long periods can distort.
Snorkel Top Type
?In its simplest form a snorkel tube is just open which obviously allows air to flow in and out of the snorkel as freely as possible but also allows water to splash into and enter the snorkel.

A deflector is a cap that fits over the top of the snorkel tube opening and uses a series of guards and vanes to direct water that splashes over the top of the snorkel away from the opening. It is not 100% guaranteed to prevent water from enetering the snorkel but they are very useful in choppy seas and makea big difference to comfort and convenience when snorkelling.

A Dry Valve builds upon the principles of a deflector by incorporating a float valve that will close the snorkel opening when submerged. Early versions of these valves were simply ping pong balls trapped within a tube that floated up to block the tube. Modern valves use a float linked to a hinging flap that closes over the top of the snorkel which are very responsive and hugely more reliable.
Strap Retainer Type
?To keep your snorkel in position you need some kind of loop to attach it to your mask strap.

Two methods of strap retention used on most snorkels are a fixed plastic clip and a quick release assembly. The fixed clip allows for rapid insertion of the mask strap and vertical movement for a customised fit to the mouthpiece. This clip method is cheaper but does not allow for as much movement flexibility and convenience of a quick release clip.

The Quick Release method uses a two piece assembly, one piece is permanently attached to the snorkel tube and the other is fitted to the mask strap. The two pieces can be joined by pushing together and released at the push of a button.
Quick Release
Tube Cross Section
?The cross section of a snorkel may not seem very important but there is a reason boats and ships have efficiently streamlined bows that cut through the water, massively reducing drag.

The same principle applies to snorkels. A snorkel with a flatter profile hugs the side of the head better and offers a more streamlined leading edge that reduces drag and helps to reduce or eliminate the flapping that can be created when finning quickly through the water.

Obviously you can't create a really flat snorkel without restricting air flow so a lot of snorkels will have a thinner leading edge but be wider than a circular profile snorkel to maintain the air flow efficiency.
Tube Profile
?A basic style snorkel is usually a J shape, a straight tube coming down to a fixed angle bend at the bottom with a mouthpiece on the end. Whilst this is very efficient for air flow and also makes it cheaper to manufacture the hydro dynamics of the snorkel through the water is not that great which can cause the snorkel to flap when moving at speed or in strong currents.

Most modern snorkels hug or wrap around the side of the head, creating a more streamlined profile through the water, reducing drag and pull of the snorkel

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