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Seac Sub

Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

£379.00 RRP £417.00 SKU: 52675-1

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Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit
Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

Seac Sub
Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

£379.00 RRP £417.00 SKU: 52675-1

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Seac Sub

Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

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Seac Sub

Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

£379.00 RRP £417.00 In Stock

Brand: Seac Sub

Model: Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit

SKU: 52675-1

The Seac Masterdry Women's SemiDry Suit is a hard wearing semidry wetsuit suitable for British diving with a flexible dry TiZip and neoprene seals. As close to a drysuit as you can get before adding valves and boots this semidry will keep you drier longer and will work just as well when water starts to ingress.


Superelastic Extraflex Nylon outer improves flexibility by 300% compared to other 7mm wetsuits for comfort and maneuverability. Abrasion resistant sections protect the shoulders, knees and seat for the usual wear and tear of SCUBA diving.


Thermal Fiber Plush internal lining further improves the flexibility of the suit but also adds an efficient insulating layer that is quick drying and very smooth against the skin. The thermal fibre is also used inside the hood around the ears, nape and the side of your face for comfort and warmth.


Flexible Titex Master Zipper provides a watertight seal that is completely flexible and easy to open and close. The watertight TiZip is used on drysuits and will keep water from entering the suit from the main entry point.


Dual Layer Cuffs on the wrists and ankles provide a semi-dry seal with added insulation that can be layered up with gloves. The internal seal is roll-back Smooth Skin similar to drysuit seals which is ultra-elastic for an easy fit and flexibility.


Padded Back adds extra padding across the back for comfort when wearing heavy cylinders.

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Seac Sub Masterdry Womens Semidry Suit - Features

FeatureProduct Specification
Ankle Seal Type
?As with the neck and wrists, the ankle seals help to stop water be flushed into the suit through movement, trapping warm water against the skin and maintaining body temperature
Ankle Seal Zips
?A extra layer than can be unzipped to allow the fitting and sealing of neoprene boots, helping to prevent flushing of cold water
Entry Zip Location
?The location of the entry zip. The zip is normally located in the centre of the front or rear of the suit but an offset zip can provide better comfort and aid donning and doffing.

A wetsuit system usually has a rear entry zip on the full length piece and a front entry zip on the shorty. This is to avoid overlapping the zips which would create an uncomfortable ridge.
Rear Shoulder
Hood Included
?Whether a hood is supplied with the suit
Male or Female Fit
?Wet suits are specifically cut for either men or women to provide a more comfortable fit.
Neck Seal Type
?The neck seal is an important component of a wetsuit, providing a critical seal against cold water flushing into the suit. An entry level suit will feature a simple zip up collar whilst a high specification suit will have an adjustable closure and smooth finish to create a good seal.
Reinforced Knee Pads
?Reinforced knee pads help to prolong the life of the suit by protecting the knees from abrasive damage.
Stitching type
?The stitching can affect both the comfort and also the thermal protection that the suit can provide.

Overlock is the basic stitching type, two pieces are stitched together creating a small ridge which can cause indentations in the skin and irritation.

Flatlock and Blind stitch joins two pieces edge to edge providing a more comfortable flat finish. Blind stitch is different stitch pattern to flatlock that uses glue. The reduced number of needle hole and use of glue helps reduce water entry through the stitching.

Seam sealed utilises a blind stitch join for comfort with the addition of an internal tape or liquid seal to create a better water barrier and prevent water seeping through the stitching.
Thermal Protection Class
?Class A: 7 - 12 degrees celcius
Class B: 10 - 18 degrees celcius
Class C: 16 - 24 degrees celcius
Class D: 22 - 30 degrees celcius

This is the thermal class given to the wetsuit by an independent testing body. Each class band covers a temperatures range that a suit certified for. This grading system currently only applies to full length suits, shorties are excluded.

As an example two different 5mm thick wetsuits may look the same but one is more expensive and receives a higher grade. Without the grade to identify that the suit provides better thermal protection it is difficult to justify the higher price.

Class B
Thickness (mm)
?The neoprene thickness of the wet suit. Generally speaking the thicker the neoprene the warmer the suit but there are other factors to bear in mind such as the amount of water that is allowed to 'flush' through components like the zip and seals.
Wrist Seal Type
?The wrist seal is another important barrier to prevent water flowing freely in and out of the suit.
Wrist Seal Zips
?Wrist seal zips allow a outer neoprene layer to be rolled back so that the hand opening in a divers gloves can be sandwiched between two layers, helping to prevent water flushing into the gloves.

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