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Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

£208.00 RRP £245.00

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 Review

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Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

£208.00 RRP £245.00

Rated 5.0 out of 5
1 Review

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Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

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Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

£208.00 RRP £245.00 In Stock

Brand: Scubapro

Model: Aladin Sport Matrix Computer

SKU: 62076

Please note: This item cannot be shipped outside the European Union - learn more

The Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix Computer is a large screen wrist computer with a part dot-matrix screen allowing a digital compass to be built in. Your perfect first computer as it has all the features you need and more for when you expand your diving into Nitrox and multiple mixes.


Clear Screen

The top and middle information sections use crisp segments to convey information that is easy to read even at an angle. The lower section on the screen is a Dot-Matrix so the computer can display more complicated and animated information like a compass and words.



On top of the usual features you need from a dive computer the Matrix is programmed to use up to three gas mixes, has Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops and adjustable Microbubble Levels so you can change the conservatism in the algorithm to match your buddy's computer, your experience level, age and physical condition for a safer dive.

Change modes from Air and Nitrox to Freediving and Gauge mode for your different needs.


  • Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL16 ADT MB algorithm
  • Three Dive Modes : Scuba, Freediving and Gauge
  • Max Operating Depth : 120m
  • Altimeter
  • Digital Compass
  • Active Backlight
  • Full Watch Functions
  • Bookmark Function
  • Lens Protection Cap
  • CR2450 user replaceable battery (approx 2yr / 300 dive life)
  • Dive logs can be stored and analysed with a PC / Mac / Android / iOS via Bluetooth
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Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix Computer - Features

FeatureProduct Specification
Air Integration
?A dive computer with air integration allows the diver to view the current cylinder pressure on the dive computer display. Some models also display breathing rates. Air integration can be achieved through either a high pressure hose attachment or by using a wireless transmitter.
Apnea Mode
? A collection of features developed for free-divers and snorkellers that records how deep you are, how deep you have been and how long you can hold your breath.

Some computers include a faster sampling rate, specialized alarms
and warnings and specific logbook for apnea.
Computer Style
?The format denotes the style of the computer, whether it is a standard wrist sized unit with large easy to read display, a smaller watch sized unit which can be worn for every occasion but still packs in all the same features or a console mounted unit which are available with or without air hose integration.
Display Illumination Type
?Dive computer displays typically have one of two illumination types. Phosphorescent displays glow when charged by light such as torchlight, it will continue to glow until its charge is depleted or it is recharged. Dive computers with a backlight facility use an internal light source to illuminate the display for a short period of time before turning off to save the battery.
Display Type
?The type of screen affects what and how information can be displayed on a dive computer screen.

The simplest is a segment display that builds up characters using pieces of a fixed screen like a digital wrist watch. This is cost effective but limits the use of complex details.

A partial dot matrix screen stills uses a section of segment display for numbers but also has a section of tightly group squares that allow for text or graphs to be shown on the screen.

A full dot matrix screen completely does away with the segment section of the screen to give full use of the display.

Colour LCD screens use the same technology found in TVs to provide a high resolution colour display that gives very clear, vibrant dive information. The technology is more expensive but raises the computer to a new level.

OLED screens use a display of tiny LEDs that are very efficient and super sharp. The screen doesn't require a power hungry backlight and can still be seen in very low visibility.
Partial Dot Matrix
Gas Switching
?Gas switching allows divers to use more than one gas mix whilst diving. For example, it allows a diver to switch from main breathing gas to an enriched oxygen mix to decompress faster when ascending.
Integrated Compass
?An integrated compass helps to reduce additional pieces of equipment that need to be carried. Some console computers are equipped with a standard magnetic compass. A number of computers now feature an electronic compass that is built into the unit itself and operated through the menu system. The electronic compass shows the magnetic North all over the planet by recalibrating the compass for your current localation.
Nitrox Compatible
?A Nitrox or EAN (Enriched Air Nitrox) compatible dive computer allows divers to benefit from the advantages of diving with an enriched oxygen gas mix including extended dive time without incurring mandatory decompression stops during the ascent.
21 to 100
PC Interface Compatible
?A PC Interface alllows divers to download previous dive information and profiles for viewing and analysis on a PC. Depending on the model of dive computer this can include depths, times, alerts, breathing rates, temperatures, etc.
Wireless (included)
Rebreather Mode
?A dedicated Closed-Circuit-Rebreather Mode that, depending on the computer, you can adjust and plan high and low setpoints, open circuit bailoutsand other features for diving with a rebreather.
Trimix Compatible
?A trimix compatible dive computer allows a suitably qualified diver to take advantage of the benefits of a Trimix gas consisting of oxygen, helium and nitrogen. Advantages include extended range diving and reduced narcosis effects.
User Changeable Battery
?Modern dive computers allow divers to safely change the battery themselves with minimal risk of damage through flooding due to incorrect installation. The logbook and memory of previous dives are typically saved during the battery change. Watch sized dive computers typically still have to be returned to an authorised dealer to have their batteries change as special tools and usually needed to open the body.

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1 Review
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Great for beginners through to intermediate divers

As an occasional recreational diver I just want my dive computer to figure out what I'm doing and help me get on with doing it. I bought a Aladin Sport Matrix Computer through Simply Scuba back in July 2018. Since then I've had the pleasure of diving with it in fresh and salt water environments. It's simplicity and bluetooth connectivity are it's greatest features. The display is large and the buttons easily worked even with thick gloves on. The interface is fairly intuitive but don't expect to get the most of the computer without reading the user manual a few times.

What I like about it:

- Clear icons and big buttons

- Supports enriched air.

- Automatic (ok, that's fairly standard but I still like it!)

- Bluetooth synching with logbook on phone ( this is the winning bonus feature for me )

- Supports enriched air

Where I think it could improved upon:

- Bulky. It's a puck, so bulky is expected but it would be so much better if it was a bit thinner.

- No clip for the excess portion of the wrist strap. It just's flaps around so I added a bit of bungee to hold that in place.

- Compass display while diving is not exactly useful. The matrix portion at the bottom is used to display the bearing but it takes time to activate and interpret.

In summary, this computer does enough, and does what's needed very well, for the price it retails at. You won't be needing a more advanced dive computer until you get into really advanced recreational / technical diving.

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