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Light and Motion

Sidekick Flood Light

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Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light
Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light

Light and Motion
Sidekick Flood Light

Regular price £89.00 £89.00 Sale

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Light and Motion

Sidekick Flood Light

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Light and Motion

Sidekick Flood Light

Regular price £89.00 £89.00 Sale In Stock

Brand: Light and Motion

Model: Sidekick Flood Light

SKU: 56778

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The Light and Motion Sidekick Flood is a powerful and compact video light that has been made to be paired with small action video cameras like the GoPro. Simple and tough, the Sidekick will go anywhere your GoPro will while illuminating your scene with 600 Lumens.


CREE LEDs - 600 Lumens

Powerful LEDs produce an even 600 Lumens of clean white light with enhanced firmware that ensures a constant power over the entire battery life. The flood beam creates a flat 90° beam with no hot spots or hard edges for a natural light on your videos.


Battery Indicator - Colour Coded LED

The battery level is indicated by a small LED to let you know how much battery you have left so you can better plan when to charge and when to use the Sidekick.



Li-ion rechargeable via direct external port is convenient and hassle-free.

Factory sealed system offers flood free performance with FL-1 Certification.


*camera not included



  • High - 600
  • Med - 300
  • Low - 150


  • High - 60 mins
  • Med - 120 mins
  • Low - 240 mins

4.5 hrs


3.2" x 1.2" x 1.5"

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Light and Motion Sidekick Flood Light - Features

FeatureProduct Specification
Battery Level Indicator
?Whether the torch has a built-in battery level indicator.
Beam Angle
?Narrow beams are great for cutting through low visibility, helping a diver to see further without creating backscatter from the light reflecting off particles in the water. Narrow beams are able to penetrate further and are ideal for looking in openings or under rocks

Wide angle beams are best for good visibility and spread the light over a larger area. A larger lit area means that the torch does not have to be continuous moved and are particularly effective on night dives
Bulb Type
?Advances in bulb technology has created a number of different options for light source, each with their own advantages and disadvantage:

Halogen & Xenon - The oldest technology, a spring like filament that glows white hot then electricity is passed through it, producing light. Later filament bulbs are filled with Xenon to produce a more intense and brighter light.

HID - High Intensity Discharge lights have a capsule of gas instead of the tungsten filament. HID bulbs typically produce more light at a lower temperature and are significantly more efficient as they produce a lot less heat and require less energy to maintain the light level.

LED - unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs, Light Emitting Diodes don't have a filament that will burn out, and they don't get especially hot. They are illuminated solely by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material. An LED is a lot more efficient than a filament bulb and also a lot more durable than both filament and HID bulbs.
Burn Time at Max (Mins)
?The length of time that the torch will provide light at 100% power.
Lumens at Max
?The torch lumen output at 100% power.
Maximum Depth (m)
?The maximum depth that the torch has been rated to by the manufacturer
?Whether the torch is supplied with a rechargeable battery and charger or whether it runs off standard batteries.
Switch Type
?There are a number of different switch types available.

Manual switches physically complete the circuit by moving the contacts inside the torch. This type of switch passes through the body of the torch which adds a possible point of failure but are signifcantly cheaper to produce.

Twist caps are very common. The diver simply twists the bottom cap or head unit to complete or break the circuit. Twist caps usually have a double o-ring to protect the battery and electronics from damage. The disadvantage of a twist cap is that if the diver was to unscrew the cap too much when turn off the torch there is a very small risk that the torch could flood

Magnetic switches are becoming more popular as they do not need to pass through the body of the torch and instead use magnets to operate the torch. This eliminates any potential flood risks resulting from a failing switch.

Kinetic torches are controlled by motion and are the most water tight solution.
Torch Body Material
?The material that the main body of the torch is made from.

Plastic will produce a typically lighter torch but a torch made of aluminium will be stronger and more robust due to the density of the material.
Anodised Aluminium
Torch Type
?Whether the entire torch (including batteries) is held in the hand or whether the light unit is connected via an umbilical cable to a seperate battery unit for extra capacity and burntime.

Photo / Video Lights have an even beam that floods the scene with light with no hard edges or hotspots so it doesn't look odd or stand out in your pictures.

Ultra Violet Lights use a specific wavelength of blue light, not usually Ultra Violet, that excite certain parts of animals that cause them to glow and fluoresce showing unusual patterns that the naked eye cannot see.
Photo Video
Variable Output
?Whether the torch offers multiple power levels other than the standard on and off.

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