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Frameless Midi Mask

Regular price £79.95 £79.95 Sale SKU: 8791-2

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Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Black with Red Trim
Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Clear with Black Trim Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Black with Pink Trim Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Black with Purple Trim Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Black with Red Trim Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Clear with Purple Trim

Frameless Midi Mask

Regular price £79.95 £79.95 Sale SKU: 8791-2

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Frameless Midi Mask

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Frameless Midi Mask

Regular price £79.95 £79.95 Sale In Stock

Brand: Atomic

Model: Frameless Midi Mask

SKU: 8791-2

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The Atomic Aquatics Frameless Midi Mask uses the same technology as the standard Frameless Mask but with a narrower skirt which is more suitable for ladies.


The Atomic Frameless Midi Mask brings together a large single panel of 'UltraClear' glass with a shallow fit, low profile skirt to create an incredible field of vision. The high quality silicone skirt is bonded directly to the lens to eliminate the need for a bulky outer structural frame. The removal of the outer frame instantly maximises the peripheral vision and allows more light into the mask.


The light transmittance is also improved thanks to the 'UltraClear' optical quality glass used in the lens. Traditional float glass used in masks typically has a lot of impurities, including iron, which reflect the light rays back out of the mask. The UltraClear glass effectively eliminates these impurities to allow improves light penetration, increasing visiual acuity in low light conditions. Removing the impurities also eliminates the normal green tinting of the lens, helping to show true colours underwater.


  • Leak-free frameless design
  • Large viewing field
  • Low profile
  • Clear or black silicone skirt
  • Distortion-free UltraClear lens

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Atomic Frameless Midi Mask - Features

FeatureProduct Specification
Coated Lenses
?Some mask lenses are specially coated to improve colour / light characters. Most coatings work by reducing the amount of light that is reflected as it passes through the glass, reducing glare and reflections and improving brightness within the mask.
Ultra Clear
Frame Type
?Masks are available with either an external (Frame) or internal (Frameless) which gives the mask it's structural strength.

Somes advantages of an external frame design are replacement of parts as the mask can usually be dismantled into its component parts and some manufacturers offer off the shelf corrective lenses which can be retro fitted.

The advantages of a frameless design are that the mask is usually of a lower profile (less internal volume) which masks clearing easier, the skirt wraps around the internal frame providing a more flexible seamless finish and the overall weight of the mask is reduced.
Lens Type
?The main lenses are available in two different configurations, Single and Twin.

Single lens masks provide a more open vision as the frame between the centre of the eyes is removed, this also typically results in a lower profile mask.

Twin lens masks can allow for individual corrective lenses to be retro fitted, completely replacing the original lenses.
Single Lens
Low Profile
?A low profile mask offers the smallest internal volume possible, making clearing easier.
Prescription Lenses
?Some masks allow off the shelf perscription lenses to be retro fitted to the mask, completely replacing the original lenses.
Purge Valve
?A one way purge valve can be incorporated into the frame or nose section to allow for hassle free mask clearing. The diver just needs to tilt his/her head to allow the water to flow to the valve and be purged out.
Second Skirt
?A second skirt / lip is often incorporated into a mask skirt to increase the surface area that can be used to seal the mask against the face.
Side Lenses
?Side lenses are small glass panels which provide better peripheral vision and also increase the amount of light that is able to enter the mask.

The lenses can either be fitted directly to the main lenses to offer a seamless field of view or as separate lenses built into the side of the mask frame.
Skirt Material
?The vast majority of mask skirts are made from silicone, a flexible and comfortable material.

Cheaper masks can use similar but for rigid versions such as Silita or PVC and do not seal as well as silicone.

Higher specification masks are now using a more advanced silicone to improve the softness of the silicone without affecting the expected life (or even improving the life using additives to prevent the silicone becoming discoloured or brittle over time)

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