Shipping Outside of European Union

Some manufacturers only permit us to sell within certain geographic zones. As a UK based company some products we are only permitted to sell to customers within the EU area. If this is the case you will see at the bottom of the product description a warning to this effect.

If we detect you are trying to have an item sent beyond where we are allowed to send to you will see this notice when you try to checkout:

EU Shipping Policy


We realise this can be very frustrating and if you still wish to purchase from us you may want to consider using a freight forwarding company. By using a freight forwarding company we send it to their address in the UK (usually free of charge like any other UK customer), they then at your expense send the goods onto you. You would need to contact them in advance to set up your account and agree pricing for their forwarding service. 

Here are some companies that other customers have used (we make no recommendation, it is purely a list of companies we are aware of):

Aramex Shop & Ship for World-wide

Alfaparcel for Russia + 11 countries

vPost for US, China and Japan


Please note that should a fault occur with your product you would be responsible for any shipping charges to and from the UK.