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Obsequio Servicing

Online hassle-free scuba diving equipment servicing from Obsequio

Servicing Your Gear

As with all important equipment in your life, your Scuba Gear requires regular maintenance and adjustments because they contain moving parts and perishable parts too. Equipment Servicing can and should only be done by qualified technicians with access to authorised parts from the equipment manufacturer(s).

Finding an Authorised Service Centre can be tricky because they can be spread out geographically so often require a journey to drop your gear off and then go back to collect it. This is where Obsequio have found a gap in the market and offer a professional online servicing platform saving you the time and fuel costs of travelling to and from your nearest service centre.

How Obsequio Works

It's super easy and safe during every step of the process.

First you find the service you need on their website and place an order just like purchasing any other product online. Once your order is processed you will be sent a prepaid label that you print off and stick to a box with your gear inside. Take this to your nearest collection centre and they'll ship it off to Obsequio on a next day tracked service.

Once your gear has arrived at Obsequio one of their Technicians will get to work on servicing your gear and swapping out worn parts inside. If any additional work or parts are required the Technician will let you know to confirm any additional costs or changes to completion time before they go ahead.

Once your gear has been serviced and reassembled they pop it back in a safe box and send it back to your chosen address as quick as they can. The whole process can be done in around a week depending on time of year and availability of parts but you can always check their current turnaround time by contacting them or checking out the top of their website.

About Obsequio

Based near Portsmouth, Obsequio focus purely on Scuba Equipment servicing and their team of in-house technicians are experienced and qualified to service all of the biggest scuba brands.

Authorised by: Abyss; AP Valves; Apeks; Aqualung; Atomic; Beuchat; Beaver; Cressi Sub; Coltri Sub; Dacor; Hydro-optic; Mares; Oceanic; Ocean Reef; Poseidon; Scubapro; Sea & Sea; Seac Sub; Seaways; Sherwood; Tiguillo; Tusa; Undersea Ltd; US Diver.

Obsequio's technicians are experts in SCUBA servicing. All of their work is carried out to the highest standards by certified advanced IDEST / A.S.S.E.T. technicians. Their testing and servicing is undertaken with modern calibrated equipment all within a modern clean facility so you can rest assured that your gear is in great hands.


* Please note Obesequio are not endorsed nor controlled by Simply Scuba. Any dealings you have with them we will have no oversight nor responsibility for. Whilst we have checked their credentials and qualifications we do not guarantee their work.