Fourth Element almost exclusively manufacture exposure protection and clothing for scuba divers and other water sports. You can separate their range into two categories; Dry and Wet, although their dry protection works well even when wet.

Warm Waters

Fourth Element Hydroskin is their range of rash vests made to protect you from harmful UV radiation from the sun as well as marine bumps and scrapes.  Many jellyfish and anemone stingers cannot affect you even through the thin Lycra based material, still don't touch either just because you're wearing a rash vest...

Hydroskin has a UPF 50+ rating meaning that you can spend more time in the water without risking sunburn and don't need as much sunscreen which both protects the reef and means that your mask won't fog up as much as sun tan lotion is a leading cause of fogging masks so by wearing a rash vest you're saving money, the environment and your mask from fogging up!

Getting Cooler 

The Xenos range of wetsuits evolved from the Proteus wetsuit range.  Because Proteus was made to be warm and flexible it was a snug suit that wasn't the easiest to don and doff.  Xenos was created to be easier to put on and take off and dry faster making it perfect for a weeks diving holiday where you dive around 3 to 4 times a day.

Thermoflex and Thermacore linings inside make it easy to don and doff the suit and maintain flexibility while keeping you warm.  Double glued and blind-stiched, even the seams help prevent water ingress but the Xenos is made to be the fastest suit you can put on and take off multiple times a day.

Neutrally Buoyant, Why Not? 

Thermocline is an alternative to neoprene wetsuits.  The three layer material doesn't use any neoprene and most importantly is neutrally buoyant so you don't need to add any lead.  Equivalent to a 2mm wetsuit Thermocline is both flexible and breathable thanks to a membrane mid-layer that allows sweat and moisture to move away from your skin but keeps wind and water from penetrating through from the outside.
Inside is a soft fleece layer that wicks moisture away from your body on the surface so you stay dry and warm and underwater it slows water movement so you stay warm.  Thermocline is now part of Fourth Element's OceanPositive range because it is made using reclaimed and recycled Ghost Gear, cleaning dangerous old fishing nets from the ocean so every Thermocline suit you buy the more Ghost Gear is removed from the world's oceans.

Baby it's Cold Outside 


Proteus 2 is an upgraded version of the Proteus Wetsuit which is made to be the warmest and highest performing wetsuits on the market, rated by independent testers.  Everything about the suit is made to keep you warm and comfortable in the water.  The snug fit makes the suit stick to you so water ingress is minimal and water cannot move around the suit easily.
By combining features like a Hydrolock 2nd neck seal, blind-stitched and taped seams and a Hexacore lining with the tight fit the Proteus is recognised as one of the warmest suits out there and the Proteus II has had a few upgrades and tweaks to make it better.

Drysuit Temperatures 

The J2 Baselayer takes it's name from the J2 Cave System that it was made for.  Designed for the cave explorers mapping the Mexican J2 cave system that is one of the deepest systems in the world.  Team members needed a baselayer that they could wear all the time to stay dry, warm and clean. J2 is infused with silver ions that are anti-microbial and the wicking nature of the fabric keeps you dry and clean.
A good baselayer under your undersuit is very important to keep you warm and comfortable.  J2 was worn constantly for 19 days by expedition members 24hrs a day so J2 actively keeps itself clean and keeps you warm and dry even after multiple washes

Keep That Core Warm 

X-Core is a thermal vest made to keep your body core warm.  While the debate on battery powered heating vests rages on X-Core uses your own body heat reflected back at you to keep your torso warm.  Gram for Gram X-Core is the warmest fabric Fourth Element has made and only uses your own body heat to stay warm.
X-Core is also part of Fourth Element's Ocean Positive Range made from REPREVE® that is made from recycled post consumer waste like plastic bottles.  The sleeveless design ensures freedom of movement and you can wear this against the skin or over a baselayer to keep your core body warm and blood flowing.

Layers Are The Key 

Xerotherm is a thermal baselayer that can be worn by itself as a thin undersuit in warm waters or to boost your undersuit when the water turns cold.  Tried and tested by professional diving teams around the world Zerotherm is the fastest wicking baselayer on the market.  Originally designed for NASA astronauts Xerotherm traps a layer of insulating air over your body and wicks moisture away very fast.
Moisture on your skin is drawn away so effectively many users report feeling dry even though their drysuit had failed.  Xerotherm has been used in all corners of the globe from the top of Everest and the top of the world diving in the Arctic circle down to the Titanic keeping people warm and comfortable so they can do their job. Professional teams like the American FBI, Norwegian Navy and British Police Diving Unit use Xerotherm.

You Know the Water's Cold When Your Suits Named: 


The Arctic undersuit is a warm and low bulk undersuit that works even when wet.  The two layer material ensures a snug fit which keeps the inner fleece layer close to your body.  The inner fleece wicks moisture away from you to the outer layer so you stay warm and dry.  The outer layer is a water repellent fabric that holds the shape of the suit close to your body to reduce bulk. 
Unlike other bulky undersuits that trap large amounts of air to keep you warm Arctic traps a thinner layer and stops it moving around.  Less air in the suit means you are less buoyant and require less lead to get down.  Arctic, like Xerotherm is used by many dive teams from the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team as well as the Danish and Norwegian Navy's.

Next Level Warmth 


Arctic Expedition is a hybrid suit taking the best parts of the Arctic and Thermocline with targeted insulation thanks to BioMapping. Keep areas over the suit have more insulation to keep areas like your kidneys and torso warmer so your whole body stays warm. 

Windproof and waterproof panels where you need them keep you warm and dry even when it rains and ceramic print on the outside increases the longevity of the suit. Made from years of service from the Arctic suit, the Expedition was made to be better and warmer