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We have created what we think to be a great source of information on all aspects of snorkelling.   Across our team we have many years' experience snorkelling, freediving and scuba diving so we have plenty of knowledge to pass over to you. We are aiming to provide you with useful information on how to snorkel safely and have fun.

Our topics cover getting started with snorkelling, learning how to snorkel safely, where you can snorkel and who you can learn to snorkel from.



Mask Advice


Masks are your window in the underwater world. The most important factor with masks is that they feel comfortable to wear, that they fit and seal well around your face and that you have good vision through them.  An ill fitting mask will leak and fill with water so you need to make sure you have a mask that fits properly.

Another factor important for those who wear glasses or contact lenses is whether or not the mask can be fitted with corrective lenses. Our guide has been designed to explain all the different things to consider when buying a mask.

The more you pay for a mask the better the materials they are made from, softer silicone and clearer glass make a big difference when snorkelling and diving.  The silicone skirt spends a lot of time against your face so the softer the material the less pressure is required to make a seal and the greater range of faces they will fit.

Not all glass is created equal and more expensive lenses have fewer impurities, resulting in more vibrant colours, and can have special coatings to reduce UV rays or certain wavelengths for a truer colour under water.

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Snorkel Advice


Snorkels come in three basic styles: simple tubes, lower purge valves and dry top snorkels.  Simple tubes are preferred by professional divers but do require airway control as water will enter the snorkel. Lower purge valves trap water that gets into the snorkel and pushes it out of the bottom when you exhale to keep water out of your mouth. Dry Top Snorkels have a float at the top of the snorkel that blocks the top as you submerge to stop water from entering the snorkel.

A good snorkel certainly needs to have a purge valve at the bottom. This aids clearance of the snorkel and will make snorkelling a much more pleasurable and easy experience.

It is also good if it has a wave deflector or chamber mechanism at the top which will help to prevent wave splashes entering the snorkel too readily.

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Fin Advice


For snorkelling you will need full foot fins rather than adjustable fins which need to be worn with boots. Wearing the right fin is important as it allows you to pass easily through the water allowing you to have a much more enjoyable experience.

This advice page talks explains the differences between the different types of fins and which is the best to go for.

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Accessorie Advice


Do you need anything else to enjoy snorkelling? That depends entirely on your confidence in the water and what you are intending to do.

There are a number of items you should consider purchasing for snorkelling such as a wetsuit, snorkel vest, bag and camera. We also have a great range of snorkelling guide books

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