Scuba Diving Equipment Insurance

Dive Master Insurance Provide A Fast And Easy Way To Book All Your Travel Insurance Requirements Online

Just have a look at what they have to say about their specialist benefits

“Our policies benefit from the following key features;

  • No age limit for Single trips
  • Diving accident insurance, International Diving Emergency Card (IDEC) that covers you at home and abroad and not just when you are “travelling”
  • Further treatment when you get back to your country of residence which is unique to IDEC
  • Search and Rescue costs
  • Hyperbaric treatment costs
  • Coverage for your cancellation if you are fit to travel but unfit to dive
  • 24 hour multilingual emergency assistance. Coverage available for business travel
  • Coverage available for independently booked trips.
  • Travel insurance that covers up to £3000 of dive equipment
  • No Depth Limits
  • Coverage for wreck diving, night diving and shark diving
  • Coverage for technical divers
  • Equipment cover for unexplained flooding
  • Equipment cover that provides new for old
  • No claims discount on your equipment insurance
  • Liability Insurance that can cover all training agencies
  • Cover available for working on underwater scientific & archaeological and film & media projects
  • Trade liability insurance that covers your centre and instructors under one policy”

For a simple no-obligation quote click the Dive Master Insurance banner below to apply online in minutes. “

Dive Master Insurance Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority number 306316.  


If you just need insurance to cover diving accidents then look at Dive Master's IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance. International Diving Emergency Cover is a personal accident plan that covers you all over the world for emergency medical expenses, hyperbaric treatment, air evacuation, medical repatriation and search & rescue.

So if you already have travel insurance but want to cover yourself for diving the this could be the policy for you.


Dive Master Insurance offer competitive rates for all your single trips in Trip Travel & IDEC. Whether you are diving in the Red Sea or going further afield you can obtain specialist Travel Insurance cover that can be bought with IDEC. The specialist Travel insurance for divers covers diver equipment cover whilst in use and also provides cover for your cancellation if you are fit to travel but unfit to dive . You can also increase the cancellation benefit up to £7,500 per person if you are taking an expensive holiday. As long as you are a UK resident and your trip starts and ends in the UK you can book cover for up to 31 days out of the country.


If you're going on a gap year or travelling the world, moving from place to place and diving then Worldwide Diver Insurance could be just what you are looking for.  If you'll be travelling continuously from 6 to 12 months then you can get cover for loss, destruction, damage or theft to Baggage & Dive Equipment, loss or theft of Personal Money, sustaining a Personal Accident, your Personal Liability, Medical & Emergency Expenses incurred abroad, Delay in Departure, missing your Departure, Hospital Inconvenience Benefit, Loss of Passport, Legal Expenses & Advice, Loss of Activity Days, Adverse Weather, Hijack, Avalanche Delay, and Piste Closure. And of course the Worldwide Diver cover comes with all the dive accident benefits of IDEC.

You can also add cover risks associated with Adventure Sports activities & Professional Development, and Cancelling or Curtailing your holiday for an additional premium.


Designed to provide cover to those lucky enough to travel and dive overseas more than once a year. The Annual Travel Insurance Policy cover provided includes all of the benefits of the single trip cover but means you don’t have to worry about booking individual trip policies. Cover is also included for non-diving holidays.


If you are an Instructor or Dive Master then consider Pro Diver to protect your civil liability if you sued by a member of the public, client or dive buddy. Cover includes criminal defence costs.