5 Dives For Adrenaline Junkies


Bungee jumping, skydiving these are common things you will find on any bucket list. But if you want more ideas, you only have to look to the ocean for inspiration. Diving opens up countless epic and extreme opportunities and if this is what you're looking for then be sure to check out these blood-pumping dives...




    Although sharks very rarely attack humans, Tiger Sharks are known to be one of the most aggressive species of shark. So how about diving with them? Get up close to these apex predators as you kneel on the shallow sands and watch as these curious creatures glide past.




      Cenote Calavera, which means “Skull Cave,” is also known as the “Temple of Doom.” Don’t those names just sound inviting? This aptly named Mexican cenote is a gateway to another world.


      With long winding tunnels it can be very easy to get lost, unless you’re an experienced cave diver. You will pass though three different halocline layers and escaping sunlight will illuminate hidden fossils. There's even a sign that reads ‘STOP. PREVENT YOUR DEATH! GO NO FURTHER.’


      Just watch out for Short Round and Indiana Jones.




        Adrenaline junkies dare to go where others will not, so how going somewhere so brutal and extreme that life is nearly non-existent? The unforgiving temperatures can easily drop below -30°C on the surface in the winter in Antarctica. However we're interested in what’s under the surface.


        Once you chisel through the ice you will enter a strange ever-changing world. This dive is definitely not for the faint hearted, it's so challenging that you need to have an advanced open water certification and to have completed at least 20 dives while wearing a dry suit before you can attempt to dive here.




        If you get your kicks by the fear factor of a dive then how about coming face to face with gigantic beasts with rows of sharp ragged teeth? Island Guadalupe in Mexico is one of the best places on earth to encounter Great Whites.


        You wont be able to miss one of the famous local residents, Bruce, a huge 16ft long Great White shark. This shark conservation site allows you to get up close to the kings of the ocean.




        If you're not satisfied with the shark diving sites on this list so far then brace yourself. This is the ultimate thrill ride for an adrenaline-seeking diver. The island served as the inspiration for the Jurassic park novel and film series. This dive site is a must for Hammerhead diving.


        In the summertime you have a good chance of bumping into schools of around 50 to 100 Hammerhead sharks. This awe-inspiring site is truly incredible. The sharks are drawn here by a strong magnetic attraction because the islands have a very strong resonance. You will have to contend with strong currents, cold water temperature and the remote location but its all worth it to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.



        Where's the best place you've ever dived?