Seac Sub

Seac Sub Libera Full Face Snorkel Mask

Blue Orange

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Seac Sub

Seac Sub Libera Full Face Snorkel Mask

Blue Orange

$51.21 - $54.41
Manufacturers Description


The Seac Libera Full Face Snorkel is Seac's finest Full Face Snorkel Mask made from the best materials and features.  By keeping the water away from your eyes nose and mouth the Libera is best for snorkelers who don't like water anywhere near your face.

A completely separate circuit for inhaled and exhaled gas greatly reduces any CO2 build up.  The exhalation section has a minimal internal volume so more CO2 is expelled compared to other Full Face Snorkel Masks.

One of the best features of the Libera is that you don't need to prepare or defog the mask like other masks.  The wide lens will fog when on your face but every time you breathe in fresh air rushes over it an the mask defogs itself so you can see clearly.


The Libera is made for snorkellers who do not like water anywhere near their face.  Unlike separate masks and snorkels the Libera combines the two with a huge seal that keeps all the water away from your face. If any water does make its way into the mask a purge valve at the bottom will push it out of the mask simply by breathing normally.

While the Libera does have a dry top snorkel so the snorkel closes whenever submerged it's best used on the surface.  The air pocket inside the mask will be quite buoyant so while you can swim under the surface the mask will always try to float up to the surface.

The Extra Small is specifically redesigned for kids. unlike other masks that just fit a smaller skirt the Libera XS or "Fun" has a unique shape for the entire mask so it is smaller and rounder and fits children better.



 Snorkelling Fins are a fantastic accessory to help you move through the water and you don't have to buy huge fins to get a benefit, shorter fins can be perfect for most snorkelers on holiday.

If you're swimming somewhere nice and sunny a Rash Vest is essential to protect you from the sun.  On the surface the water will cool you so you don't notice the hot sun bearing down on you so it's best to protect yourself.

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 There are many Full Face snorkel Masks on the market today but Seac three grades of Mask.  This Libera is their top of the range, Down a step is the Unica that has many of the same features but for a material elasticated strap and their budget mask is the Magica that features lower grade materials.

A similar mask from another manufacturer would be the OceanREEF Aria, a very similar mask to the Unica but made by a different supplier.


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