Nautilus 3mm Cord Bungee Strap



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Nautilus 3mm Cord Bungee Strap




This is a high quality black 3mm diameter bungee sold in one metre increments. Please add the product to your basket and update the quantity to the required length.

Product ratings

25 November 2013

It is cheap, 3mm bungee cord that does what it is designed to do, what more is there to say?

23 June 2016

Can't go wrong with bungee can you? This has not broken yet, so all good!

22 April 2018

Does what I want it to do, stretch withouth snapping. Used for various applications without issue.

3 December 2018

A 3mm bungee that does what it needs to. It hasn't snapped and it's great thing to have around on your repair kit :)

18 December 2018

Good quality bungee

3 June 2019

i use this bungee for . my sidemount gear, good robust bungee cord.

17 June 2019

Good quality bungee which can be used for many scenarios. Durable and reliable.

23 August 2019

Easily holds 2nd stage as a neck strap. Probably want a thicker bungee if not wearing a hood but I don't feel it in my 7mm hood!

6 September 2019

Currently, I am swapping all of my straps to bungees, they are quicker to don and doff, especially when you need to get out of a drysuit quickly just after a dive, moreover, my slate, in this case, will work with my wet and drysuit.