XDEEP Frameless Diving Mask


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XDEEP Frameless Diving Mask


€63.79 €70.94
Manufacturers Description


The XDEEP Frameless Mask is a large single lens dive mask with a soft silicone skirt and traditional strap. The frameless design brings the lens closer to your face so you get a wider FOV and less internal volume that you have to equalise and clear. The larger nose pocket makes the mask more comfortable and easier to equalise, even with thick gloves.

Who's the Frameless Mask For?

Made for any scuba diver or snorkeller the Frameless is a smart, modern take on a classic concept. By bonding the silicone skirt directly to the tempered glass lens the internal lens is comparatively low so it's easier to clear and equalise.

By bringing the lens closer to your eyes it also increases your field of vision so you don't get tunnel vision like some other masks. A single-lens design, combined with a larger than normal nose pocket mean this mask should fit most divers, even those that usually find it hard to find a comfortable mask.

Recommended Accessories

All masks need to be prepared from new, especially frameless masks because chemicals from the manufacturing process need to be removed from the lens so it doesn't fog up. We like Sea Buff for preparing our masks, the granular formula scrubs the glass and removes traces of the release agent and should reduce fogging after a few treatments.

After initial treatment, your mask will still fog up, just nowhere as fast as an untreated mask, so a good defog treatment before a dive is essential. Either a gel like Absolutely Clear or spray like Look Clear are great because you don't need to use much for a fog-free dive.

The Frameless comes fitted with a traditional silicone strap which is great but can tangle in long hair so a Neoprene Strap Wrapper will help from pulling your hair out. The Frameless does come in a standard plastic box but if you fancy something smarter and smaller then check out our Premium Mask Case. It protects your mask and allows it to air dry too and you can re-use the plastic case for something else around the house.

Dive Type Freedive
Lens Type Single
Mask Frame Frameless
Skirt Material Silicone

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