Kubi System C/w 70mm Ring Dry Gloves



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Kubi System C/w 70mm Ring Dry Gloves


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The KUBI Dry Glove Complete System is a metal cuff ring system that you can fit to your drysuit to keep your hands warm and dry. Dry-gloves keep your hands dry and are very thin compared to neoprene gloves so, you have better dexterity. 1.6mm Latex Gloves and Blue Thermal Inner Gloves create an insulating layer of air over your hands to keep them warm.

Metal Rings are strong in all water temperatures and come in a range of sizes. One ring fits to your latex cuff seal on your drysuit, the other to the glove itself. You can still dive your drysuit without the dry gloves if you want to, but you can fit the gloves quickly and easily before a dive. The diameter of the ring should be the smallest that you can fit your hand through to minimise bulk around your wrist and stretching your cuff seal.

1.6mm Latex Gloves are thin for great dexterity. The fingers and palms have detailing for better grip and the cuffs are long so you can adjust the position of the gloves.

KUBI Standard Blue Thermal Gloves are also thin and very effective at keeping your hands warm. Ambidextrous and seamless design is comfortable and practical.

KUBI Dry Glove Systems - Downloadable & Printable Sizing Guide - A4

70mm Diameter Ring

  • Complete Ring System
  • 1.6mm Latex Gloves
  • Blue Thermal Under Gloves
  • KUBI-70-
Dive Type Scuba

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