Apeks dSMB 1.4M dSMB


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Apeks dSMB 1.4M dSMB


€65.00 €78.00
Manufacturers Description


The Apeks dSMB 1.4M is a decent size, closed-cell delayed Surface Marker Buoy with one of the first true oral inflation valves. Most dSMBs today have an inflation valve similar to your BCD but most divers orally inflate their dSMB to maintain buoyancy. The valves on most dSMBs can sometimes be tricky to orally inflate so Apeks fitted a valve specifically for orally inflating.

Who's the dSMB For?

A dSMB has quickly become an essential piece of kit for every scuba diver so they can be seen on the surface. Apeks have taken their time building a dSMB and learnt from other's mistakes. The whole length of the SMB is welded and seamed so there isn't a seam that gets folded and weakened over time. The bottom of the dSMB is tidy and efficient without extra straps to get in the way, just a D-Ring to tie onto and a bungee to wrap it up with.

Recommended Accessories

With a dSMB, you'll need a Reel or a Spool to send it up with. We love the Apeks LifeLine Range of Spools, the bright colours stand out and the build quality is exceptional. For most diving, the 15m Spool is the perfect size for a 5m safety stop.



  • Solas reflective tape
  • Over-pressure valve
  • Oral inflation valve
  • Red colour for location marking and everyday use
  • Yellow colour for emergency signals
  • Unique oral inflation valve allows for easy one-handed operation in cold water.
  • 2” stainless steel D-ring allows for easy attachment to your reel or spool.
  • 2 x brass eyelets at the top of the SMB allow you to attach a torch, strobe or slate, they also enable the SMB to be folded and used as an emergency float.
  • SOLAS reflective tape on both sides ensure maximum visibility in rough seas and darkness.
  • Simple bungee closure system with enlarged rubber pull tab allows for easy stowage and deployment even when wearing gloves.
  • 1.4-meter single breath oral inflate SMB.
  • Fully taped and heat-sealed edges ensure the SMB is extremely durable.
  • Reflective logo print.
  • Overpressure relief valve with pull toggle ensures ease of use even when wearing gloves.
  • Available in orange and yellow.
  • Supplied in plastic-free packaging.


    Bottom Closed
    Buoys Type Scuba Buoys
    Technical Buoys
    Dive Type Scuba
    LPI Inflation No
    Length 140.0 cm
    Message Pouch No
    Oral Inflation Yes
    Reflector Yes
    Seams Double

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