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What you will need to see clearly

You have 3 main options:

Option 1: If you do not already own a mask or just want to do it properly, choose a new prescription mask:

The most popular mask and the one we recommend is The Tusa Ceos Mask, it is a very high quality mask as are the corresponding corrective lenses. We recommend TUSA corrective masks and lenses as they are actual lens and not lenses bonded to a glass lens making them heavy and resemble a wine bottle bottom!

Option 2: If you already own a mask try fitting a universal optical kit (but you must have a single lens mask for this product i.e. it has one large lens you look through and not two individual lenses, one for each eye).

Option 3: If you already own a mask and are struggling to read gauges or your computer  try stick on lenses.

Lenses and Prescriptions

Prescription Masks

All of the lenses we fit to masks are stock sizes that compensate your short/long sightedness that are ground to your Spherical reading only. Your prescription may have five readings SPH, CYL, AXIS, Prism & Base like the example below. The lenses cannot account for astigmatism, CYL, or its orientation, AXIS, so the only number you should use is the Spherical, SPH, measurement to choose lenses. If you need a greater or more accurate prescription than you should talk to your optician or a similar specialist for custom lenses to be made for you.

Each lens that we stock will have a + or - value from -8.0 to +4.5 in 0.5 increments, + for long and - for short sightedness so you need to choose the number as close to your prescription as possible and be sure you are looking at the correct eye as each eye often has its own prescription. If your prescription is between two available lens strengths e.g. -.1.75 then go for the lower available lens of -1.5 as the water adds some magnification to help compensate for small differences.

While the lenses for the Ceos and Splendive are bi-symmetrical, meaning they are the same shape for both eyes, we have separated them into left and right lenses so we know which prescription goes in which eye.


The majority of the lens is covered by prescription in Single-Vision Lenses so your range of vision is compensated for, better for if you have a problem with distances. The edge of the lens is flat so it can have a sealing area to keep the water out.


Bifocal lenses only have prescription in the lower section of the lens for reading your gauges or computer if you struggle with close up but don't have a problem with distance. Because the prescription is fitted to the lower part of the lens these do have a strict left / right lenses.

Lens Fitting Service

If you opt for us to fit your lenses for you one of our technicians will carefully dismantle your mask using specialist tools and remove the existing stock lenses. Once removed we can seat your prescription lenses properly into the skirt and rebuild the mask. When complete we have a four part check to ensure your lenses are fitted properly and there are no problems with your mask. We also send you the blank stock lenses with your mask just if you need to return the mask and lenses for whatever reason, so keep hold of them otherwise we can't offer a refund or exchange for the mask.

Prescription Masks

Things to Consider

Coated Lenses - The prescription lenses we offer replace the existing lenses of your mask so avoid picking a mask with special coating (this will be clearly stated on the product page if the lens has a special coating) as all of the benefits of the coated lenses will be lost when we replace them with prescription lenses.

Astigmatism - The stock lenses cannot correct strong astigmatism so if you have a strong reading you should consult your optician or a specialist.

Magnification of Water - As you know from your first course water has a slight magnifying effect that can help some minor prescriptions.

Do It Yourself - You can definitely do it yourself but you must be very careful around the glass and frames especially when using metal tools. Each mask has a different method of disassembly and too much force in the wrong place can damage your mask.

Gauge Mask - if you just need a little help reading your gauges check out the Gauge Mask which has a lower section of +1.75 prescription and a plain main section so if you don't need too much help you can try the Gauge Mask


Please see our video which shows how to fit prescription lenses. Whilst you can fit your own lenses it is tricky to do without damaging or marking the mask frame in some way. To take this headache away we offer a lens fitting service when you buy a mask with prescription lenses.

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