XDEEP Zen Standard Set Aluminium Backplate System


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XDEEP Zen Standard Set Aluminium Backplate System


AU $1124.31
Manufacturers Description


The XDEEP NX Zen DIR System is a lightweight single-cylinder backplate and wing setup made for travelling divers. Fitted with a unique twist on the standard single piece harness the standard Zen still fits in the DIR window but has a few upgrades to make it more comfortable and practical.

Who's the DIR Zen For?

The Zen is a lightweight single-cylinder system made for travelling divers. The backplate and harness setup means that you can customise your wing with minimal excess and weight. If you want to progress onto twins at some stage then just switch out the wing and you can fit twins.

The NX range is XDEEP's flagship range that has the best features such as an elbow-less design so the inflation runs straight into the bladder for optimum airflow and fewer failure points. The shape of the backplate is more ergonomic compared to a traditional backplate and the shape of the wing shifts your centre of buoyancy so you stay horizontal in the water during your dive.

Recommended Accessories

If you prefer integrated weights on your BCD then you can fit some Weight Pouches

If you're planning to dive on Twin Cylinders then you'll need a Twin Wing for buoyancy

Diving abroad often means you don't have a battery to tuck your long hose under so a Hose Retainer Bar will keep it in position.

We also like these Titanium Sliding D-Rings that you can move on the go where you need them.

Alternate BCDs

Zen Deluxe System - Identical but comes with some shoulder padding and quick-release buckles.

Mares XR Single System - Similar but with some unique colours and patterns.

The Ghost - Similar to the Zen but with a different backplate and less DIR style harness.

Dive Type Scuba
External Shell 1100
Inflator Location Centre
Internal Bladder 440
Lift (N) 182.00 N
Lift (kg) 19.00 kg
Lift (lbs) 41.00 lbs
Tanks Singles
Wing Shape Donut

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