GearAid Talcum Powder Talcum Powder

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GearAid Talcum Powder Talcum Powder

No Colour

AU $14.18 AU $16.22
Manufacturers Description


GearAid Talcum Powder is a light, unperfumed talc made from fine French chalk made to make donning your drysuit smoother. Drysuit seals are made to stick close to your skin so when you don your suit before a dive can be tricky and you don't want to pull on the seals too much. A fine layer of Talc will let the seals glide over your hands and seal around your wrist. 

Who's Talc For?

Primarily for drysuit divers, talc creates a smooth, dry layer so your drysuit seals glide on easily. The ultra-fine powder disappears over time so it doesn't clog up valves and because it is unscented it won't harm your seals. Other talcs with perfume or scents can affect your seals and break them down so you need to replace them.

Recommended Products

A water-based alternative would be Neo-Slix that is more of a liquid gel that helps your drysuit glide on. AquaSure is another essential to keep for when the time comes. A flexible waterproof glue AquaSure and Black Witch are great for patching leaks and repairing your suit.


  • Unscented
  • Finest Ground French Chalk
  • 100g
  • Helps Preserve Latex and Rubber Seals
  • Absorbs Moisture
  • Prevents chafing

About GearAid

Gear Aid manufactures a range of outdoor accessories that are made to enhance and repair your scuba diving and outdoor gear. Small wear and tear of your gear adds up over time and you sometimes need waterproof glues to repair suits and other equipment.

Dive Type Scuba

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