Fourth Element

Fourth Element G1 Liner Dry Gloves


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Fourth Element

Fourth Element G1 Liner Dry Gloves


AU $83.96
Manufacturers Description


The G1 Glove Liners can be used under drygloves or wet mitts. The 1.5mm hydrofoam provides the confidence that in the case of a dryglove failure, the glove liners will retain some of the thermal protection they offered when dry, and the bamboo derived fabric lining inside provides excellent thermal protection. The glove liners can be used with traditional thinsulate gloves in a layering system under the drygloves for extreme conditions


Gloves Sizing - Inches - cm

  • XS - 6.75-7.5 Inches - 17-19cm
  • Small - 7.5 8.25 Inches - 19-21cm
  • Medium - 8.25-9 Inches - 21-23cm
  • Large - 9-9.75 Inches - 23-25cm
  • X-Large - 9.75-10.5 Inches - 25-27cm
  • XX-Large - 10.75-11.5 Inches - 27-29cm


Glove size by width: measure the dominant hand as it is likely to be larger. Wrap a tape measure around the palm of the hand just below the knuckle make a fist and take the measurement.


Dive Type Scuba
Glove Type Liners
Material 90% Neoprene
Material - Lining 10% Nylon

Product ratings

4 March 2017

Unfortunately these liners do not fit under my KUBI dry gloves because of the bulk. However because they are able to be used as wet gloves and are a comfortable 2.5mm I see a use for them when the water temperature rises above 13 degrees as a wet glo

27 March 2018

Always had a problem with cold hands, fingers are the first to go, nothing seemed to help. Got Kubis, and work standard cotton gloves, didn't really help, then found these, wore them in 4degrees at the weekend, just these under my kubis, not going to say my fingers were toasty warm as they were anything but, but I wasn't in pain from the cold and still had use of my fingers, add some thin cotton liners to these and they were even better.

8 October 2018

I had to use what I call 'garage gloves' (the disposable flimsy gloves that you get on garage forecourts), to get them on under my outer dry gloves as there is too much friction between them and the outers. I tried at least 4 different outers. Also I found them too bulky and ended up with about one cm of surplus outer glove at the end of each finger. Will use them for warm weather diving as a wet glove. Waste of a lot of money.

16 July 2019

I bought these to go under my dry gloves specifically as I get very cold hands. They failed miserably at 14 degrees leaving me with 8 white numb fingers. Back to cheap multi layer cotton gloves.

21 August 2019

Great glove for use under Kubi dry gloves, work well and at depth the gloves compress to give you greater dexterity.