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Cressi Reaction Pro Fins Diving Fins


AU $94.19 AU $101.75

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Cressi Reaction Pro Fins Diving Fins


AU $94.19 AU $101.75
Manufacturers Description


The Cressi Reaction Pro Fins are a perfect all-round snorkeling / scuba / apnea fin that is lightweight and efficient in the water. The Tri-material design channels the water straight to the tip of the fin for an efficient fin kick.


Three materials are used create the fin:

  • A soft and comfortable material in the foot pocket and side reinforcement bars to prevent rubbing and also to help protect the fin from bumps and knocks against other objects.
  • A rigid polymer is used in the main sections of the blade to provide structure and strength to control the shape of the blade during kicking.
  • A flexible silicone based material to give flexibility between the rigid panels, allowing the blade to form the channel shape.

The blade has been designed to be thicker near the foot pocket to provide strength and thinner at the end of the blade for flexibility. This ensure the blade flexes at the just the right amount over the whole length of the blade. If the blade was too think near the foot pocket it would flex beyond an efficient angle and lower the performance of the blade.


The blade of the fin has been positioned at the top of the foot pocket. This instantly increases the working area of the blade, resulting in greater performance but also less stress on the ankle and foot as you kick.

These full foot fins can be worn with bare feet, for a more comfortable and warmer dive you can wear the Fourth Element Finsock which reduce the chance of blisters, allergic reactions, cutting feet entering/exiting the water and having cold feet when you're in the water.


Sizing information and details:



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.30kg
  • Overall fin length - 61.0cm
  • Blade length - 34.0cm
  • Blade width - 20.5cm



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.38kg
  • Overall fin length - 63.0cm
  • Blade length - 35.0cm
  • Blade width - 21.0cm



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.54kg
  • Overall fin length - 65.0cm
  • Blade length - 36.5cm
  • Blade width - 21.5cm



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.68kg
  • Overall fin length - 66.0cm
  • Blade length - 37.5cm
  • Blade width - 22.5cm



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.76kg
  • Overall fin length - 69.0cm
  • Blade length - 38.5cm
  • Blade width - 23.0cm



  • Weight (Pair) - 1.88kg
  • Overall fin length - 71.0cm
  • Blade length - 39.5cm
  • Blade width - 23.5cm
Blade Type Channel
Dive Fin Type Scuba Fins
Snorkel Fins
Dive Type Snorkel
Fin Heel Type Full Foot
Fin Length 640.00 mm
Weight 105 g

Product ratings

18 January 2009

An excellent fin, comfortable to wear and use and not too expensive.

25 June 2009

Excellent fins, i am uk size 10 so went for size 44/45. I used fourth element fin socks with these and found this combination fitted perfectly and worked really well. Overall a very comfortable fin with lots of power if needed and at an affordable pr

18 December 2009

Very good fins for the price. First pair of fins I have bought, previously borrowed from scuba club/dive centres. Would've preferred open heel because my feet don't fit perfectly into set sizes, but needed to buy last minute before dive trip; I wasn'

5 October 2010

I am between a size 7-8, so i order the 40/41, and there were spot, on, very comfortable, stayed very snug to my foot, so I could kick hard without of them loosening or even loosing 1 (which has happened to me!) .

18 July 2012

Great fins for my son, replacing an older set of cressi's as his feet have grown, how inconvenient! They are fins what more can I say......

14 August 2012

Excellent product CRESSI always provide the best and I trust there products, I am using a cressi fins before this purchase and it last me 5 years from frequent use, very good product cressi

11 February 2014

I purchased these for my padi open water course

2 August 2016

These were listed as snorkeling fins. They are far from it. They are far too rigid to be considered good for snorkelling (especially in Irish Waters). They are more like entry level diving fins.

24 February 2018

Relatively light so OK for taking on holiday. No problems after a week long live aboard using these with Waterproof branded neoprene socks and rubber on soles makes climbing the ladder at the back of the boat easy.