Best Divers

Best Divers Thermoformable Mouthpiece


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Best Divers

Best Divers Thermoformable Mouthpiece


AU $48.97
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The Best Divers Thermoformable Mouthpiece is a replacement mouthpiece for your regulator that you can mould to your jaw. The material the mouthpiece is made from gets soft when it's warmed up and then hardens as it cools. Softened in hot water you can bite down on the mouthpiece and it will shape to your bite so, in future it will fit your mouth better and you don't need to bite down so hard to keep it in your mouth.


Step 1. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth facing up (UP). Remove excess material on the tip and sides until the mouthpiece adheres well to the gum.

Step 2. Heat the water to 90/100 °. Immerse the mouthpiece in the water for 10/20 seconds holding it by the black holder. Do not remove the stand during this step.

Step 3. Remove the mouthpiece from the water and cool for 10/15 seconds. Place it in your mouth and press while biting hard to shape it.

Step 4. After modeling it, remove the black support and the side hooks. Repeat steps 1 through 4 if the shape is not satisfactory.

Dive Type Scuba

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