Aqualung Transmitter 2.0 Transmitter


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Aqualung Transmitter 2.0 Transmitter


AU $403.10 AU $445.64
Manufacturers Description


The Aqua Lung Transmitter 2.0 is a wireless air transmitter that sends tank pressure data from your regulator to your dive computer.  Designed by Pelagic this transmitter will communicate with a range of dive computers but thanks to it's Permanent Pairing technology you set it up once and it will be paired with your computer forever.

The new 2.0 Version has a few upgrades on it including a new PCB inside which has EMI shielding that reduces the Electro-Magnetic Interference. The Battery Life has also been improved so it lasts longer as well as a new restrictor built into the HP port that meets CE Standards.

Who's the Transmitter 2.0 For?

Aqua Lung, Oceanic and Shearwater, along with some other computers, have a similar wireless integration system inside them so this one transmitter should work with them all.  By simply inputting the Serial Number of the transmitter into your dive computer it should be paired for life so you don't have to re-pair every so often.

Compatible Products

 The transmitter should pair with any dive computer with a Pelagic system inside such as Wireless Enabled Aqua Lung Dive Computers, Shearwater Dive Computers and Oceanic Dive Computers.



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ABOUT Aqua Lung

Aqualung have been industry leaders producing a range of diving equipment from regulators and computers to drysuits, wetsuits and masks.

Aqualung have been producing dive equipment since 1943, started by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan who introduced the world to scuba diving and the Aqua-Lung.


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