How To Plan A Dive Holiday

Planning a dive holiday can seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry we are here to help you out with our top tips when booking a dive holiday.



First off, are you certified to dive? If not then you can either get qualified before you leave or learn to dive while on holiday. If you go down this route then make sure the dive operator you are going with offers training courses and they have good reviews. Some even offer refresher courses if you haven’t dived in a while, so it might be worth joining a local diving club or doing a review at home before your holiday to save wasting a day abroad.



What time of year are you planning to go? Water temperatures fluctuate during the year so check out the average water temperature for the time of year you’re planning so you know what thickness your wetsuit needs to be.



What equipment will you need to bring? Many dive operators require you to have your own dive computer and DSMB, which can be hired at a cost but are often cheaper to buy outright than hiring on every trip.

Baggage allowance is important to know and don’t forget to mention you’ll be taking sporting equipment to your airlines as you can sometimes get a larger allowance.



Get your gear serviced. You need to ensure your equipment is working properly well before your dive holiday so any faults can be fixed. The last thing you want is to get to the dive site and your regulator free flows and they can’t service it. Also be sure to check your wetsuit to make sure there are no holes and the rest of your gear for faults.



Many hotels in key diving areas nowadays have their own built in dive centre. But pick your dive centre as you want to make sure you go with a well reviewed one, then plan accommodation around that.  Different dive centres will offer different deals on dive packages so shop around.



See what is included in the price, for example nitrox, lunch and drinks on the boat. Sometimes these are charged extra so see what you’re getting in the price before you head out.

Check the itinerary, if you are interested in only wreck diving then make sure the place you are going to offers wreck diving.  Most dive areas offer a range of diving to suit most divers but see what’s out there before booking your holiday.

Check what vaccinations you need before you leave as well as arranging any VISAs.  Check well beforehand as these can sometimes take some time to arrange before you head out.



Have you been on a dive holiday? What are your best tips when planning one?