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Blacks Womens 3mm Snorkeling Wetsuits

Blacks Womens 3mm Snorkeling Wetsuits

Browse & Buy Blacks snorkelling wetsuits womens 3mm wetsuits At Simply Scuba. Shop With Confidence – Excellent Customer Reviews. Next Day Delivery on Blacks snorkelling wetsuits womens 3mm wetsuits.
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Fourth Element

Womens Xenos 3mm Shorty
£105.00 Regular price RRP £108.50

Seac Sub

Undersuit Body Womens 3mm Shorty
Regular price £44.00
Rated 4.0 out of 5
1 Review


Womens Full Suit
Regular price £179.00

These Womens 3mm Snorkelling Wetsuits are designed to provide thermal protection in waters with temperatures between 25 and 32° Celsius which is essentially the tropics. The higher end of the range is more for the 2.5mm and 3mm thick shorty wetsuits are only provide core thermal protection whilst the full length wetsuits can provide more protection for arms and legs. Like clothing, womens wetsuits are cut to provide a comfort, snug fit.

Due to the high water temperatures that these types of wetsuits are designed for there is no need to create completely watertight suits to eliminate flushing of water in and out of the suit. As a result you will typically find more minimalist seal designs that do the job stopping the lose of heat but by adopting this approach manufacturers are able to keep the cost of these suits to a minimum which makes them more affordable.

In this category of wetsuit thickness you will also find neoprene alternative products that use technologically advanced materials or a combination of layers to achieve the thermal protection of neoprene but without creating the same buoyancy problem of neoprene. If you find neoprene uncomfortable to use then a suit using a neoprene alternative might be for you

A wetsuit is usually made from foamed neoprene and is designed to provide thermal insulation when snorkelling or engaged in other water sports such as scuba diving. Water conducts heat away from the body 20 to 25 times more efficiently than air which is why we rapidly become cold when in water or feel the cooling effects of wind when wet. A wetsuit works by massively slowing the passage of heat from the body to the surrounding water by placing tiny gas bubbles and thermal layers that act to trap or hinder heat loss. This relies on the wetsuit fitting snugly, especially at the seals so to prevent the heated water inside the suit from escaping and cold water from entering. Although flexible neoprene seals help to prevent this it is vitally important that the wetsuit fit well in the first place.