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Introducing xDeep

xDeep is one of the newest brands we have taken on at Simply Scuba so I thought I’d introduce them properly with a quick background about the company and what they make. I first encountered xDeep when I first started sidemount diving, looking at harnesses the Stealth moved way up to the top of my list because of it’s flexibility and functionality. Now we can retail xDeep equipment I felt the need to tell you guys about it.



xDeep are one of the youngest manufacturers that we deal with founded in 1998 in Poland with their first line of BCDs launched in 2010. It all started with the Zeos and the Hydros and a year later the Stealth became the worlds first CE certified sidemount system.


The founding fathers came from IT and electronics backgrounds with a passion for SCUBA diving that they combined to produce a company that uses experience in both international markets and design solutions to create innovative products for both recreational and advanced technical divers.


After the first range of BCs gained popularity they expanded into accessories and are now working on dive computers and their advanced NX Series that has been made using all of their experience and techniques.



Everything xDeep manufacture has an incredibly high attention to details, procedures and materials. The Ghostfor example uses Cordura from Germany with an anti-bacterial coating using sonic wave welding, US made 3D mesh which is neutrally buoyant and has zero compression, a different type of high-frequency welding for the inner bladder, precision laser cutting for the fabric that stops it from freying, German made Amann Serabond thread designed for extreme marine environments and computer controlled CNC edge beveling for the backplate, which is made from a magnesium/aluminium alloy.

xDeep have such attention to detail their harnesses will often use three different types of 2″ webbing for different sections because they want the shoulders to be stiff and the crotch strap to be softer.

Their range of BCDs and equipment is made to grow and change with you as you advance through your diving career and adapt your diving to your needs. Because of this most parts are modular and one size fits most so you can adjust straps, move D-Ring, add pouches, change wings as much as you like so you’ll never have to buy another harness again.



The main meat of xDeep’s product range is their BCDs, they cater to every need from the feather-light Ghost Single cylinder system, Sidemount Divers have the adaptable Stealth wrap-around wing and twin cylinder divers can dive the tough workhorse Hydros.

Most of their systems are available in both a Rec / Tec / Deluxe configuration. The Tec uses a more simple DIR type setup, Rec and Deluxe have pinch clips with quick adjustment and padding for added comfort.



If you just want to dive on a single cylinder you have the choice between the Zeos, Ghost and Zen. The Zeos is the original single cylinder wing which benefits the strength and rigidity of a backplate wing system. The Ghost was designed for the travelling diver, weighing just over 2kg, using clever blends of metals and materials. The newest single system is the NX Zen which is a hybrid of the Ghost and the Zeos which is both light and tough.



If you’re part of the fast growing number of sidemount divers then you need a different type of wing from your single / twin cylinder brothers and sisters. xDeep worked with Patrick Widmann, an IANTD diver, to create the modular Stealth harness system for cave and wreck divers who need a slim system that they can attach side mounted stage cylinders in cramped environments.



Diving on twin cylinders requires more than just your standard BCD so one of the original systems xDeep made was the Hydros. Dedicated for twin cylinder diving the Hydros has a unique shape that ensures your centre of buoyancy matches the centre of gravity in your twinset, regardless of your working pressure to give you great trim during the dive.


The Hydros comes in a complete set, the Hydros TECxs which eliminates the struggle of building your twinset because the harness, backplate and wing come assembled, all you need to do is adjust it to your size. So if you’re looking for diving twin 12’s you needn’t look any further than the Hydros TECxs System.



xDeep have their own Exploration Support Program that ensures team members exploring extreme places have the best kit. From Exploring Madagascar’s fossil caves to protecting endangered Vaquita porpoises in Costa Rica xDeep equipment is being used to break world records, explore undiscovered areas and protect the environment.


Ahmed Gabr’s World Record Breaking Dive To 332.35m was completed with him and his team using Stealth and Hydros Systems because of the comfort, reliability and flexibility on probably the most demanding dive on a human body where equipment reliability is essential.


To learn more about where xDeep equipment is being used check out these links:



If you’re after a new BCD or accessory, no matter how you dive, take a look at the range of xDeep equipment because they only use the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods. Their equipment is made to function in easy warm tropical reefs to extreme cave exploration and everything in between.


Each wing is carefully designed to give you perfect trim in the water without needing to shift lead around constantly while being comfortable to wear in the water.