WSX-25 Update

Apeks, part of the Aqua Lung Group, have announced a product update on their WSX-25 Sidemount BCD.  The bladder design does not meet the current CE standard for BCDs which requires the BCD to be tested in an upright position like traditional BCDs are tested.  The original bladder was purposely built with no upper dump valve for use in overhead environments and therefore has not passed the CE tests.


An upper dump valve has now been added to the WSX-25 Bladder to allow the WSX-25 to meet the standard BCD test criteria. Any WSX-25 bought from an official Apeks/Aqua Lung dealer after today should be the 'updated' design with an upper dump valve.


Any purchased from us at Simply Scuba after the 11th of August 2017 will be the updated version with the upper dump valve.



Is My WSX-25 Unsafe?

No, the manufacturer Aqua Lung state "We believe it is safe based on the current sidemount training standards. The upper dump valve added is unnecessary based on industry standards."


Because the original design, without upper dump valve, does not present a safety concern Aqua Lung has not issued a recall as "It follows standard design and use within the sidemount community and doesn’t fall within recall parameters."


However if you are a diving professional and instructing while using the WSX-25 you need to know that the bladder is not CE rated and you "must exchange out the bladder on your WSX-25 harness." Aqua Lung say.




What Do I Need To Do?

To arrange receipt of your updated bladder, Please contact Apeks/AquaLung's Customer Service Department at with the serial number of your bladder.


Apeks/AquaLung will probably direct you to bring your WSX-25 bladder to your nearest Apeks/Aqua Lung dealer.  If you live outside the UK or Holland use this link to contact Apeks/Aqua Lung in your country or region to find your local Aqua Lung distributor.


You only need to bring the bladder, not the harness, so you can disconnect the bladder from your harness so it can be sent off for the update.




What Will Happen?

Once you've taken your bladder to your nearest Apeks/Aqua Lung dealer they will return it to Apeks/Aqua Lung.  When Apeks/Aqua Lung have received your bladder they will send an updated bladder back to the dealer for you to collect so make sure you leave your best contact details with the dealer so they can let you know when the updated bladder is ready for collection.


The update is free of charge and may take a few days so arrange a time when you will not need your WSX-25.  You are responsible for any costs returning the bladder to a dealer so make sure you do it in the most cost effective way possible.




For Apeks/Aqua Lung's official statement click here:


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