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World Oceans Day Fundraiser at Simply Scuba HQ

We kicked of the World Oceans Day celebrations with a beach clean up at our local beach last Sunday which is the lovely quiet beach of Seasalter in Kent. It's not always the busiest beach, so we weren't sure how much rubbish we would actually find, but on the day we collected an alarming amount of things that you shouldn't be finding in the sea and washed up on a beach.


The big finds, although impressive and downright nasty - such as a heap of twisted metal, could be considered equally as dangerous as some of the small things we found such as bottle caps and plastic bags and disposable cutlery. Especially to marine life and our fragile and intricate eco-system. We had to be eagle-eyed to find some of these small plastics amongst the rocks and stones of Seasalter.



We all really enjoyed the beach clean, it was great to spend time together and bring along family, friends (and dogs!) for a walk along the beach on lovely sunny morning. We only spent just over an hour at the beach and had such a great time, it really highlighted how simple and enjoyable a beach clean could be. It felt good to be doing something selfless and it didn't take up a huge amount of time to make a difference. We'd urge any one to give it a try! It's a great way to relax..



On Monday we held our fundraiser at Simply Scuba HQ - amongst our daily activities of running an awesome scuba website! Sorrell's Mum made some out of this world sea-life themed cupcakes, which we had the pleasure of gobbling up in exchange for a donation to The Ocean Project. We also all wore Blue to mark the occasion as a part of World Oceans Day's 'Wear Blue Tell Two' campaign and had our 'selfies' taken for the sea, to capture our ocean promises on camera, to remind us of the small things we can do to help the ocean. We also held a Shark Sweepstakes to guess the name of our little soft shark friend. The winning answer was Greta the Great White! again helping raise some cash for The Ocean Project.