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Will the Tovatec Mera Change Scuba Diving?

The Tovatec Mera has arrived.  The Mera is basically a big dive torch that they’ve squeezed a camera into too.  For most divers this will be perfect because there’s nothing worse than trying to get a tonne of photo equipment in and out of the water.

If you’re into your photography then most divers can tell. Huge cameras with a tray and arms all over the place holding lighting are cumbersome. And most recreational divers don’t want to carry all of that expensive gear around so roll on the Mera.

The popularity of small action cameras can’t be denied, you see them everywhere, even on the dive site. But as most of you should know; underwater videos tend to go a bit blue the deeper you go and no red filter can fix it perfectly. The best option is to introduce some light to bring the reds back but then you end up with arms and trays again. The Mera does away with separate lighting because it is it’s own lighting system. Three buttons on it let you use the Mera as a camera or a dive torch or both together.

This gives you flexibility, by bringing one piece of kit on the dive with you, you have both a camera and a pretty powerful torch. I mean who thought putting a camera on a mobile phone was a good idea? A genius that’s who. And that’s the stage the Mera is at. It’s a new hybrid of tech that combines two things most divers want to take on a dive into one thing.

So what do you recon? The main downside that I can tell is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder. Big deal for you guys? What else would you combine into one item if you could? They’ve done it for compasses and dive computers, drysuits and undersuits…. Thanks for watching and safe diving.