Will the BA strikes spoil your Xmas dive trip?

For any ticket holder of a British Airways flight in the upcoming holiday season, there is no doubt a swirling cloud of uncertainty and frustration. With the impending strike of the flight crews drawing closer every day, those looking to set off for their scuba holidays are left confused and at a loss of what to do. Should they cancel their flights, move them to another date, and how will this affect their ticket prices? All of these are more then fair questions and in response to what exactly British Airways ticket holders are to do there have been mixed messages. The strikers, British Airways cabin crews, plan to hold their strike between the dates of 22nd December and through the New Year to 2nd January. This is one of the busiest times of year, and those that have already purchased their tickets and have their holiday plans squared away well in advance are now wondering just what to do with their tickets. In regards to just how many cancelled flights that will be, one could say things are still a bit up in the air. With so many crew members part of the strike there will be many flights grounded, however British Airways is doing what it can to adhere to somewhat of a semblance to its previous schedule.  They will attempt to still execute long haul and short haul flights, but at this time noting in for certain. If your flight is in fact grounded you will receive from British Airways either an email or SMS text message to inform you. You will then be offered the chance to change your flight at no extra cost if it is during the strike or 48 hours before or after it. But you may not be given ample warning to then be able to find a ticket on a different airlines as they could be booked up. Which means your scuba holiday travels could be ruined; but this doesn't mean that you don't have any rights. Right now you can choose to rebook your tickets for different dates or have a credit for British Airways that will last for the next 12 months. If you don't feel comfortable with crossing your fingers and then hoping your flight will take off you may want to take advantage of that and begin searching for a different airlines' flight. While you may not get your money back from British Airways you will have a credit which could be fine if you are a frequent traveller. If you do intend to cancel your flight before the actual dates, to make sure you do receive a credit or avoid any fees from changing flight dates you should call the airlines directly instead of booking it over the internet. If you instead plan to wait it out and then find that your flight is cancelled, British Airways says that it will do everything it can to get you a flight as soon as possible on one of the competing airlines. Being that nothing is completely certain at this time, your best bet is to remain informed of the situation and be certain that British Airways has your most up to date contact information.

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