Why We Dive!

Hey everyone happy new year! So to kick start 2020 we need your help… This year we are really going to focus on inspiring people to get into scuba diving! So for our first project, we want to hear from you! 


We want you to answer this question… why do you, scuba dive?… so grab your camera, your phone or whatever you can to film yourself answering this question, we don’t care too much about quality, as long as your message is clear for all to hear.


Once you have filmed it, upload it to YouTube, there’s a link pinned in the comments so click on that when you’re ready to send us your clip. Or if you watching this on our blog page just fill in the form below and send it to us! Shaun will then work his magic and create an awesome video with your answers! And hopefully, this will inspire more people to go scuba diving!


Right now for the boring bit, the video can only be a maximum of 15 seconds in length, there can’t be any music in the background, and like I said earlier your message needs to be clear! Now you only have until January 15th to send your entries in! So good luck and we can’t wait for all your messages.



Fill out my online form.