Which Wetsuit will you need for your Scuba Trip?


Choosing the right wetsuit for your Scuba Diving holiday can be a difficult one. Depending on where you're going and what the water temperature is at your destination all depends on what wetsuit you need to take with you.


In cooler waters you will want a thicker neoprene wetsuit to keep your vital organs protected and in warmer waters you will want a thinner neoprene wetsuit, possibly just a shortie.


We have picked a few of the most popular spots for diving and what sort of wetsuit we would recommend for that destination to give you a good indication of what you will need.




The water temperature in Egypt is around 26 degrees, so it's fairly warm. A 3mm shortie wetsuit is likely to be all you need in the summer as outdoor temperatures can reach 45-50 degrees.


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The Med sea te mperature is about 20 degrees, so for this temperature we would advise a full-length 5mm wetsuit, although during the summer months is 3mm full-length suit may be all you require.


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These tropical waters can reach temperatures around 30 degrees, so they are very warm. We would suggest a 2.5/3mm shortie wetsuit or vest on its own.


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South Africa

The sea surface temperature here is approximately 23 degrees so ideally you want a thicker 5mm neoprene to cover your vital organs and something a little thinner in other areas so you can move easily.


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Maybe you're not going on holiday but still want a good idea of what sort of wetsuit is good for the UK. As you will know, the water here will be fairly cold at any time of the year so you will want a thick wetsuit to keep you well protected. The summer months can reach temperatures of 15-20 degrees depending on the area, so even then you are likely to want a 7mm full-length suit or a 5mm depending on how brave you are.


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You know yourself if you're quite a cold person, so if you do feel the cold opt for the thicker wetsuit or an additional layer like a thermal vest or rash vest. For even more warmth, add a hood because this will help to retain body heat.


Rash vests can also protect you against chaffing offering great comfort as well as UV protection for days you may not be wearing a wetsuit.


The key factor is to be prepared; find out the rough water temperature for your destination for the time of year you're going, this will indicate the sort of wetsuit you will need.


  • Hi Kate,
    This is really dependent on how much you feel the cold. The water temperature is usually highest June-August time around 29°C and starts to drop around October and the winds can start to pick up. If you’re planning a lot of diving a 3mm full length might be better, but if you’re not spending that long under water a shorty will be fine. I usually email the dive centre I’m diving with a week or two beforehand for water temp and advice as they’ll know how the weather will be.

    Safe Diving,

    Mark E Newman
  • Hi there, do you think a 3mm shortie would be sufficient for malapascua August-October? Thanks, Kate

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