Where's The Octopus?

As a diver I have a real interest in sealife. Especially sealife that is in someway cool and interesting. I just watched this amazing footage of how Octopuses change their colour and texture to suit their surroundings. Octopus have amazing camoflague abilities, they can change their skin texture and colour to appear rocky or smooth depending on the environment they are in. Due to their rather soft fleshy skins it's these camoflague abilities which are their main protection from predators. The amazing thing is that Octopus are actually colour blind, so how do they do this achieve such perfect camoflague? Well to cut a long story short as its fully explained in the video below, they have a special pigment in their skin which allows them to change their colour and pattern to that of their surroundings. Watch the below video for some amazing footage of Octopus changing their appearance for their surroundings and to learn more about how they do it.

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