Wedding With The Sharks

Are you so much of a shark lover that you would want them as guests at your wedding ceremony? Well that's exactly what a couple from New York did. Michael Curry and April Pignataro took the decent with their scuba gear inside a shark tank to say their vows to each other. The couple were not expecting any media coverage from their unique wedding but it attracted quite a following. April and Michael along with their pastor wore head sets as they exchanged their vows in the giant fish tank at the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium, sharing their wedding day with sharks and sea turtles as well as family who spectated in the dry from outside the tank.

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  • PLEASE…give us REAL shark lovers a break!!! IGNORANCE comes to mind first, selfish second and un-educated third. IF YOU LOVE SHARKS, why would you pay a damned aquarium to be close to one! These sharks are suffering, they do not belong in a giant fish bowl for entertainment. They should have donated the cost to shark conservation if they REALLY love sharks..NO?


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