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Underwater Grand Prix Racing

You heard it right, an Underwater Grand Prix! Take to the seas with your diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) and scooters and race round a wreck! This new sport, “Formula H20” racing has been sanctioned by the newly formed Wreck Racing League. The first ever race took place on the wreck of the Vanderberg off Key West on 13th June, featuring nine scooters. Dean Vitale won the race using his Pegasus Thruster, a battery-powered propulsion system that attaches to a scuba tank. The next race takes place on the gold coast this weekend, 20-22 August where as many as 20 participants are expected to race around an artificial reef off Fort Lauderdale on their DPVs . The founder of the Wreck Racing League, Joe Weatherby who lead last year's deployment of the Vanderberg described the event as “Underwater NASCAR meets pro wrestling.” He said: “It was a hit down here and is a good way to show the world that there's no oil here, just clear water.” The event will be split into novice and modified classes. Divers will speed their propulsion vehicles around the Tracey, a 70ft deep, 131ft long ship sunk off Fort Lauderdale as an artificial reef in 1999. The race will have S-turns and a tunnel through the stern. The winners of each category will win a trophy. The competition can be watched by spectators who will be able to ride a boat out to the wreck, put on their scuba gear and submerge underwater from an “infield” on the deck of Tracey. More of these Formula H20 races are planned for Key Largo, Key West and Rome. The race held over the weekend will have a welcome party taking place at the Ocean Point Beach Resort in Pompano Beach on Friday, with a practice day and DVP expedition on the Saturday, followed on Sunday by the main racing event.