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Traits That Make Scuba Divers Awesome

It can be hard to tell apart a land lover from a scuba diver. Everybody has traits that make them..well who they are, but us scuba divers tend to have the same traits and it’s these things that make us really stand out of the crowd,

Traits That Make Scuba Divers Awesome.

Communication skills

It’s tricky to talk underwater so us scuba divers have to find ways to communicate without talking, and funnily enough, the cup and string theory doesn’t work underwater, trust me on this. So on the rare occasion when we’re not underwater and we can use our voice we’re pretty good at articulating ourselves because we’re used to being methodical so we get the right information across. We will talk with our hands though a lot of the time.

Eco-Conscious Ocean Lovers

Scuba divers are the modern hippies of the ocean.  There’s a definite link between scuba diving and appreciating the environment that grows on you during your course.  All it really starts with is your instructor telling you not to bump into things, but that then leads to ocean and beach clean ups and not using plastic straws. I haven’t used a plastic straw in years.

Fun Loving Bunch

Scuba divers are awesome, let’s face it, sorry guys and girls but if you didn’t know already then youre awesome.  We’re kind of like the surfing crowd where we love the ocean and to chill but we’re more social as we always go out in a group.  We’re all a little bit weird and that allows everybody else to come out of their shells and relax.

Highly Organized

We may be silly at times but we’re hyper organised, verging on OCD.  Did I check my gauges? I’d better check them again. As soon as you hit the water it’s a real faff to get out and pick something up you’ve forgotten, so you have to be organised. I mean look at how many acronyms you have to remember… BWARF, CESA, CCR, dSMB, EANx.  We like to be on time too, as you’ll miss the boat if you’re late and if you leave your safety stop to the last minute you may be running a tad low on gas. On-time is five minutes late for a diver.

We like to Share

Scuba diving somehow fits itself into all conversations.  Talking about a recent holiday? Scuba diving, working abroad? Scuba diving, it’s raining, scuba diving, at your local restaurant? See those lobsters? Scuba diving.  Scuba diving really does change your life and the more you do it the more you can fit it into more everyday situations and convince your land loving friends to go diving too.

Handy Under Pressure

Most divers are pretty handy at MacGuyvering stuff to get it to work and we are experts with cable-ties. Many of us have also undergone some kind of Rescue Diver training and Emergency First Aid so you have a group of people who know CPR and First Aid just walking around all over the place who have been trained how to look after people in and out of the water. And they paid for this training in their spare time!