Top Sellers Of 2011

Top 10 sellers for 2011. Based on units sold below are our top sellers for this year. Clearly in some categories certain brands dominate, Suunto in dive computers and Scubapro in regulators. We found it interesting when reviewing these results that some that made the top 10 were not from the brands you would expect, Cressi topping sales in BCDs for one.


All the big names you would expect in BCD sales but who would have expected Cressi to beat Scubapro or AquaLung or Mares to the top the spot? Next year we predict the brand to watch will be Mares, but there again 12 months ago we would not have predicted the Travelight to be a best seller. The Travelight is a highly rated travel BCD according to our customer reviews “Brilliant bit of kit” “I love this BCD” “It was easy to pack and very comfortable to wear” “Excellent BCD” “fantastic item” goes to show you don’t need to be a huge corporation to make a product divers love. 1. Cressi Travelight 2. Scubapro T-Black 3. AquaLung Zuma 4. Mares Dragon MRS 5. Cressi Flex 6. Scubapro X-Force 7. Mares Prestige MRS 8. AquaLung Pro QD 9. Oceanic Probe LX 10. AquaLung Pearl

Regs – 1st & 2nd Stages

Unsurprisingly the Apeks XTX200/50 combination won the top slot, a long time Brit favourite. Scubapro dominated the regulator chart this year (not that surprising considering the range they offer) but they will be pleased with this result, as they pride themselves as a regulator company. Mares and Oceanic make up the numbers but we feel that 2012 may be their year. Another brand to watch for 2012 will be Atomic, they had several models just outside the top ten but considering their price tag, certainly one to consider. 1. Apeks XTX200 + XTX50 2. Mares Carbon 42 3. Scubapro Mk25 A700 Tech Black 4. Scubapro Mk17 C300 5. Scubapro Mk25 A700 6. Oceanic EOS FDX10 7. Apeks XTX 40 DS4 8. Scubapro Mk25 S600 9. Scubapro Mk17 S600 10. Mares Abyss 22


This may as well be the Suunto top sellers chart with resounding domination in this category. The D4 sales were combined with the newer D4i to establish position 3 but in fact this did not make any difference to the table. Great to see some new comers in the table: Oceanics’ Veo 3 (really you should take a look at the Oceanic range it is awesome). The Mares Puck puts in a very respectable fourth but the top three spots in this category are an elite class of their own. I hate to bring up a negative but where the heck is Uwatec? Once the giant of dive computers, now on its knees? 1. Suunto Vyper 2. Suunto Zoop 3. Suunto D4i 4. Mares Puck Wrist 5. Suunto Vyper Air 6. Suunto D6i 7. Oceanic Veo 3 8. Suunto D9tx 9. Mares Nemo Wide 10. Cressi Leonardo

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