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Top New Scuba Gear | 2022 March

Looking through our most popular products so far for the first quarter of 2022 here are some of our favourite New Scuba Diving Gear.

The first one is a big move from Fourth Element, they’re moving into the mask and fin market. Fourth Element is well known for their great wetsuits, drysuits and undersuits. They’ve been making great bags as well for a while but last month they announced their Scout Mask which has four different lens options and an elastic strap. Fourth Element has also announced their Rec Fins. Which are very reminiscent of the Mares Avanti Quattro fins, which is hardly a bad thing, but the Rec really stands for Recycled.

The full blade is made from recycled materials for a lower impact on the environment. But, as a pair of fins, they’re a tried and tested design. I’d be impressed if any of you don’t recognize the design because it’s so popular and practical. The four-channel design is the perfect balance of power and control for all types of diving. The bungee heel strap has 6 points of adjustment so, it’s quick and easy to put on but if you prefer it a little bit tighter, you can adjust it. Or, if you change boots you can adjust the length of the strap.

Suunto released packs for their EON Core and D5 dive computers. Which is a dive computer with a Tank Pod included at a lower price to save you some money when buying them together. That, as well as bungee mounts for the Suunto Zoop Novo and Vyper Novo Computers and the EON Core Dive Computer for a bungee mounted computer instead of a long watch buckle strap.

Apeks have released a few things over these past few months. The first is the Thermiq Drysuit Boots. A tough but light pair of boots for your drysuit with a great Vibram sole and mesh panels to get rid of any trapped air inside quickly and water to drain out as well. Then, the big one, they’ve redesigned the Lifeline spools. A few years back Apeks released their colourful Lifeline Spools which were colour coded to their lengths, so you knew which one you were grabbing, they had a tough and light aluminium body and every part of them was optimised for diving from, flared sides, to orange tape line instead of rounded. Apeks have only gone and upgraded them, with the new Lifeline Spools now including a rubberised edge and larger holes with laser-etched details.

And finally, Garmin rocked the boat by releasing their Descent G1 dive computer. The G1 is basically a non-colour screen version of the Mk2. It’s a watch-sized smartwatch with full diving capabilities. So, you get all the heart rate monitor, GPS, multi-sport fancy modes and Garmin wireless payments. But, you also get everything from freediving to rebreather modes with a built-in compass and because it doesn’t have the colour screen, it’s more power-efficient. And, with the solar model, it has a little solar panel on the front and if you wear it out in the sun, it’s going to top up the battery. It’s nice that you can just top it up by wearing it outside. But, this one, at its price point, is really something you should take the plunge on.

There were a few other bits like flip flops and swimming wetsuits, but I didn’t figure you’d want to hear too much about those and Fourth Element have two new colours of their Gulper insulated water bottle…. All of these are available, while stocks last on our website