Top 5 Scuba Diving Products of 2016

Plenty of fantastic scuba gear arrived in 2016. The diving industry is continually adapting and 2016 offered some of the most evolved dive gear to date. So we thought we’d pick five great dive products that have hit our shelves over the past 12 months.  
The Scubapro Nova 720R is a technical dive torch designed for improved power and durability over other torches in it's price range. A great, tough little torch that will keep up with any level of diving and can be used with rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries. It's lightweight yet built to last, while delivering powerful illumination at over 700 lumens.  
The AquaLung i300 is a wrist mounted dive computer made with high quality materials at an affordable price. The large display is combined with a low profile design for an easy-to-read, streamlined computer that won't stand out and get stuck on straps. It even has a changeable battery. It has a DIVE mode for Air and Nitrox that you can change up-to 50% O2, GAUGE mode acts as a simple depth gauge and bottom timer but won't record your decompression data, and FREEDIVE mode is for snorkellers and will measure your depth frequently but will not alarm when you ascend quickly.  
The Mares XR DR 25X Regulator is a pair of regulators for a DIR twin setup with a heavy duty metal 2nd stage for outstanding performance for serious deep and cold diving. Left and right handed 1st stages route your hoses neatly leaving plenty of space to reach your valves and each 2nd stage has VAD inlet for a smooth breathe. The metal body of the DR 2nd stage is incredibly tough for wear and tear and drastically improves the cold water performance by acting as a heat-sync to reduce the chances of freezing.  
The Scubapro Mantis M2 is one of the first dive computers that uses your biometrics to tailor your decompression algorithm based on your health and the conditions you are diving in. Great above water and below, the M2 is made for beginner divers all the way up to rebreather divers. The M2 HRM Belt monitors your heart rate as well as your skin temperature that will adjust the decompression calculation along with workload to create one of the most accurate algorithms that gives you a true estimation of how long you can stay at any given depth. Smart technology wireless air integration handles multiple transmitters while working out exactly how long your gas will last based on your depth and breathing rate.  
The Atomic Venom Frameless Mask has an ultra soft skirt for the pinnacle of comfort. A huge field of vision is brought closer to your eyes by the flexible skirt and lack of frame. Co-Moulded dual silicone material features Atomic's Gummi Bear Seal around the face and a new face seal geometry for a soft effective seal around your face. The silicone around your nose and the main structurre of the mask is made to keep the masks shape and the matt gummi seal is super soft for an effective seal. The ultra clear lens allows up to 96% of available light to reach the eyes for a clear accurate view of the underwater world.     These were five of our favourite products of the past year and they are all available on our website What was your favourite piece of scuba diving gear you bought in 2016? Let us know in the comments.  

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