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Top 5 Best British Dives

Looking for a great diving location a little closer to home? Check out our round-up of the best UK-based dive spots...


Located off the Northumberland coast, the Farne Islands are exposed to the cold waters of the North Sea and as a result take a bit of a battering from the weather. But this can work to a divers' advantage as, on a good day, this stretch of coastline teems with wildlife. There are several grey seal colonies so keep any eye out for that tell-tale tug on your fin from a playful seal.  


Found in the Bristol Channel, this no-take zone has some of the healthiest waters we can call our own. Large underwater rock formations are typically covered in kelp, this creates the perfect abode for marine creatures to thrive. Lundy is visible from the mainland, being only a couple of miles from Barnstaple, boat skippers here are happy to take you out there. If you pick the right time of year you're going to be diving with playful seals which is an experience not to be missed.  



This ship was torpedoed in the Second World War just off the coast of Plymouth in 1945. For years the ship was still visible but now the highest point of the wreck sits at 6m, which has made it a very popular dive spot. Much of the hull is falling away, leaving a cathedral of open bulk heads for scuba divers to swim through. This is a great spot for divers of all abilities.  



Perfect for techies, the HMS Moldavia should tick all the boxes for the disconcerting wreck diver. She was a 10,000 tonne elegant P&O liner, converted to a warship  in World War One, the guns are still visible today. Her broken remains now lie tantalisingly deep at 48m. At around 20 miles out from Brighton, you have an above average chance of getting excellent visibility.  



The expansive waters at Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands are shielded by islands, creating one of the world's best natural harbours. It was once the chief base for the Royal Navy and it was here in WW1 that the German high seas fleet took defeat badly, scuttling 52 vessels simultaneously. 90 years on the battleships, destroyers and other wrecks lay mostly in recreational depth and are accessible to all levels of divers, which has attracted divers from all around the world.     Have you dived any of these spots? Or are there any others we missed off our list? To see more of our scuba top five round ups and interesting scuba news head over to our YouTube channel.