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Top 10 Scuba Diving Products 2012


About this time of year we list the top 10 most popular products for the previous year for the main sales departments so here are 2012’s. There are some clear and obvious winners but also a few surprise entries that I didn’t foresee. 


BCDs Not much has changed in the top 10 BCD line up compared to 2011 with the Cressi Travelight as the clear number one selling BCD. We predicted that Mares would be one to watch for 2012 and we have seen Mares BCDs move up in the top 10 with three BCDs listed. I predict that 2013 will be similar with Cressi, Mares and Scubapro taking most of the slots.

  1. Cressi Travelight BCD
  2. Scubapro T-Black BCD (now replaced by the Scubapro X-Black BCD)
  3. Mares Hybrid BCD
  4. Aqua Lung Zuma BCD
  5. Mares Dragon MRS Plus BCD
  6. Mares Prestige MRS Plus BCD
  7. Scubapro X-Force BCD
  8. Cressi Flex BCD
  9. Aqua Lung Pearl BCD
  10. Aqua Lung Pearl i3 BCD


Dive Computers You might as well think of this as the Suunto top 10 products as they will quite clearly dominate the top 10 dive computers. Both Oceanic and Cressi are started to make upward movements but they have some serious work ahead to muscle Suunto out of the top 5 positions. Suunto’s very clever ‘free transmitter’ promotion obviously smashed the November and December 2012 sales. Mares dropped the ball slightly with the retirement of the very competitively priced Puck computer during the year. Oceanic will be a brand to watch for 2013 who have their sights firmly fixed on Suunto’s hefty market share and will be releasing some new computers to take on the giant.

  1. Suunto Zoop Dive Computer
  2. Suunto Vyper Dive Computer
  3. Suunto D4i Dive Computer
  4. Suunto D6i Dive Computer
  5. Suunto Vyper Air Dive Computer
  6. Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer
  7. Oceanic Geo 2.0 Dive Computer
  8. Oceanic Veo 3.0 Dive Computer
  9. Suunto D9tx Dive Computer
  10. Mares Puck Dive Computer (replaced by the Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer)


Fins We didn’t report the top 10 for fins last year but just out of interest I have listed them. The list is for open heel fins only. A real mix up of brands but the clear winner was the Mares Avanti Quattro. The new plus version has big shoes to fill. Interestingly the monster Hollis F1 Fins was only a couple of spots out of the top 10, not where I thought a fin intended for the tech market would finish. Perhaps it would have even been in the top 10 if there wasn’t an availability hiccup during the year when demand for Hollis equipment went skywards. No massive developments and releases in the fin market this year, just a few colour changes and minor tweaks that primarily target the lovely lady divers out there.

  1. Mares Avanti Quattro Fins (now replaced by the Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins)
  2. Cressi Frog Plus Fins
  3. Oceanic Viper Fins
  4. Mares X-Stream Fins
  5. TUSA Imprex Tri-Ex Fins
  6. Force Fin Pro Force Fins
  7. Oceanic Vortex V16 Fins
  8. Scubapro Twin Jet Max Fins
  9. Mares Quattro Excel Plus Fins
  10. Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins


Masks Again not something we reported last year. The winner had almost twice as many sales as second place which is no real surprise as the Oceanic Shadow Mask is just a superb all round mask that fits well, is light, low profile and packs into a pocket as a spare as well. TUSA were pretty dominant throughout the top 10 with five masks. The Hollis M1 could easily have made it to second place if more stock had been available for the massive demand. Considering the high cost of the Atomic masks it was a surprise for the Frameless mask to make the top 10 and even more so for the Venom mask to be sitting just outside at 11th place. I would predict Cressi to make a little come back in 2013 with the release of some new masks, colours and new attractive matching snorkels later in the year. Oceanic also has some good looking masks in the pipeline so watch out for those.

  1.  Oceanic Shadow Mask
  2. TUSA Geminus Mask
  3. Hollis M1 Mask
  4. TUSA Splendive IV Mask
  5. TUSA Visio Pro Mask
  6. TUSA Visio Tri-Ex Mask
  7. TUSA Serene Mask
  8. Atomic Frameless Mask
  9. Mares X-Vision Liquid Skin Mask
  10. Cressi Big Eyes Mask


Regulators Apeks regulators have done well this year (helped by the late upgrade), claiming five of the top spots with five other brands each sneaking a regulator into the top 10. Travel regulators were popular in 2012 which isn’t surprising given the terrible season we had in the UK but those that braved the weather did so with rock solid, high end specification regulators with not one of the regulators featuring in the top 10 being considered as an entry or mid level regulator. The rain ruined our prediction for Mares and Oceanic making more of a show this year, instead divers opted for the tried and tested models.

  1.  Apeks XTX 50 DST Regulator
  2. Mares Abyss 22 Regulator
  3. Apeks XTX 200 Regulator
  4. Apeks XTX 40 DS4 Regulator
  5. Oceanic EOS FDX10 Regulator
  6. Apeks Flight Regulator
  7. Scubapro MK25 S600 Regulator
  8. Aqua Lung Mikron Regulator
  9. Apeks XTX 50 DS4 Regulator
  10. Hollis 212 DC-1 Regulator


I think 2013 will start to see a shift in power as the smaller, incredibly keen and hungry brands begin to nibble on the heels of the big players. After all they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 2013 will also see the much anticipated release of the Hollis rebreathers into both the tech and recreational side of diving. Interest is astronomical (especially in the Hollis Explorer) but what will the actual uptake be like and will there be a noticeable drop in high end equipment sales as divers switch over to closed circuit diving? I have high hopes for this diving season….if nothing else we might actually be able to get in our seas for a few dives if the weather is kind. Do you own one of these top 10 products? Leave a comment to explain why it is so good or visit the product page and write a short review to give divers around the world your feedback and thoughts.