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The Ultimate Dive Boat?


Recently whilst on holiday I had a James Bond moment. Sat there on the beach I watched a big rib cruise up to the beach, then produced wheels and drove up the beach. Not flimsy little wheels, big chunky things that easily drove on some large rocks. The six people on board then jumped out and walked to the pub! No anchoring or tying up, just parked! Now it was not the fact they got out and went to the pub that made me think this was ideal for divers. This was a serious piece of engineering, nothing lightweight. The rib had a very manly 150 engine on the transom and being around 7m so plenty big enough for a dive boat.


A closer inspection showed the boat was a "Sealegs". Certainly anyone who has had to wait and watch some very dodgy reversing of trailers on the slip would appreciate how quickly you can get in and out of the water with such a system. The front wheel looked to actually steer the boat so I am guessing you could park the rib outside your accommodation and just drive to the quay in the morning! (Better check with the local police first though).

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