The Great Swim to Save Sharks : Mission Complete!

Whilst the mission to save sharks is one that is still sadly ongoing, you may remember a little while back we told you the story of Gene Girardeau who would be attempting an open water swim of around 43km from the island of Koh Phangan to Koh Tao in order to raise money for Project Aware's Finathon. We recently heard the great news that Gene has completed the swim and has raised over $5,700 for the charity. The swim took 36 hours and 23 minutes,  non-stop! Starting at around 2am in the morning and beginning the swim in the dark, Gene was unable to touch the boat at any point and had to eat and drink in the water to keep her energy levels stable. She trained 6 days a week for the challenge - it was no easy feat, so well done to Gene, a fantastic effort for a important cause. If you wish to add to the fantastic amount raised, please visit her fundraising page.  

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