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Suunto UK 5 Year Warranty

Suunto have introduced a new extended warranty for all customers buying Suunto equipment from authorised UK Suunto dealers. Suunto computers come with a two (2) year manufacturers warranty and wireless transmitters have a one (1) year warranty that covers the usual functioning of the item.  Now Suunto are offering a FREE Five (5) Year Warranty when you buy a computer or transmitter from an Authorised UK Dealer like Simply Scuba



With the increase in internet shopping you can buy equipment from anywhere around the world but there are a lot of dangers.  Many people buy equipment from foreign websites not knowing that they are not based in the UK simply because the price is stated in GBP.  Buying from abroad increases delivery time and risk, has little or no customer support and voids any warranties if something goes wrong.  If you bring a foreign computer into a British service centre they are under no obligation to recognise that warranty as it is only applicable in the country that computer is from. To help prevent disappointment with Grey Imports and to add value to your Suunto Dive Computer, Suunto UK have introduced a FREE Five Year Warranty on their computers and transmitters when you register your purchase on their site.  Registering your computer online creates an online database so your dealer can check your serial number to see when and where you bought your computer from.  



It only takes ten minutes to create an account and register your computer and it can even be done in-store when you buy your computer if you have access to your emails.  All you need to do is visit www.suuntodive.uk/ click 'create an account' at the bottom of the page and enter your details.   After you have registered you can add your computer and transmitter to your account which will automatically increase the warranty on the serial number entered.  You have thirty days to register your computer so it's best to register it early before you forget. 



When you're done, sit back and relax and use your new Suunto Dive Computer with the knowledge that in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, your dive computer will be repaired or replaced for free when you take it to a UK Suunto Service Centre.  There is of course the usual small print but as long as you look after your dive computer as a prudent diver should  



  1. The 5 Year Extended Warranty will only apply to a Suunto Dive Computer purchased and serviced through an Authorised Dealer in the UK & Ireland only. Battery replacement is not covered as part of this warranty.
  2. The online registration must be completed by the 30th day following the purchase of the product by the consumer. The following details MUST be included:
    • Purchaser’s name and address.
    • Details of the Dealer who sold the product.
    • Date of Purchase – proof of purchase should be retained.
    • Product model.
    • Serial number – all serial numbers must be registered separately.
  3. The extent of the warranty cover:
    • The product’s statutory 12 month warranty is not affected.
    • Suunto’s 24 month warranty is not affected.
    • All product parts for the lifetime of the warranty are included, subject to fair wear and tear.
    • Damage caused by impact or misuse is not included.
    • Battery replacement is not covered.
    • Straps will be covered only cases where wear and tear has not been a significant contributor.
  4. Conditions of Warranty
    • The product must be serviced on a biennial basis by an Authorised Suunto Service Centre.
    • Any product serviced or repaired by an unauthorised service centre, engineer or individual will immediately be considered outside of the warranty programme.
    • The 5 year warranty only applies to the original registered purchaser and is not transferable to any other party.
    • The product must have been purchased in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
    • The product must have been purchased from an Authorised Suunto Dealer who is solely supplied with Suunto products by Suunto Diving UK.
    • The computer must only be used in recreational SCUBA diving or in the instruction of recreational SCUBA diving.
    • The 5 year warranty will only apply to products being serviced or repaired in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
    • All costs of postage and packing are to be borne by the consumer and/or the dealer.
    • To claim under the 5 year warranty the product must be returned to the dealer it was originally purchased from not to Suunto Diving UK.
  5. Suunto Diving UK reserve the right to reject any claim for parts which are deemed to have been subject to abnormal use or have been replaced unnecessarily.
The 5 year warranty programme will not apply to products used in a commercial application such as Diving Schools or Dealer Rental programmes, although the personal equipment belonging to an Instructor will be included.