Suunto Summer 2011 Trade-In Offer

Suunto have blessed us all with another great offer, the Summer 2011 Trade-in. The units on offer this year are the Vyper Air, D6i and HelO2 (without transmitter). Each unit will also be provided with a Dive Manager PC interface as well. To qualify you will need to trade in any multilevel decompression dive computer which will allow you to purchase one of the units are the prices below: Vyper Air - £329.00   D6i - £479.00   HelO2 (without transmitter) - £499.00 To take advantage of this offer simply place an order on our site for your preferred dive computer (don't forget to add the dive manager to your basket if ordering the Vyper Air or D6i) and send us your trade-in dive computer together with a copy of this contact information form. Once we have received the unit and verified its eligibility (Suunto has final say on this) we will provide you with a refund for the difference using the payment method used to place your original order. This offer is available until the 12th September 2011.

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