Suunto EON Steel Computer

The New EON Steel Colour Computer from Suunto has arrived at Simply Scuba. 140924Steelandtankpod-left       EON_PERSP_BOOT_dof - UI-C1metric


Suunto BrightSeeTM Colour Screen

This newest offering features a large rectangular display with crisp, clear and easy to read information. The super bright screen and high colour contrast makes the information easier to read and understand at a glance in poor light or poor visibility. A specially selected combination of display and glass technology minimizes reflections while maximizing viewing angle.

EON-STEEL_PERSPEC_DOF_ - UI-C1metricCustomdisplayTM

Suunto EON Steel gives you the freedom to customize nearly every aspect of the interface. Choose either the graphical or classic layout then create your own personalized dive screens showing what you want.  

Wireless Air Integrated Tank Pod

A new dedicated wireless air transmitter called the Tank Pod for the EON Steel. Each EON Steel computer will be able to connect to 8 different PODs on 8 different gas mixes.

Eon Tank Pod SS020306000

Boot & Bungee Adaptor Kit

Each computer comes with a rubberised boot to protect from bumps and scratches, buckle strap set and bungee strap adapter kit so you can choose between a standard strap or an elasticated bungee strap. EON_Bungee_boot-no-dof_metric

Full List of Features

  • Wide viewing angle Suunto BrightSeeTM colour display
  • CustomdisplayTM allows user to customize display via DM5
  • Upgradeable software enables future updates
  • Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Gauge enabled
  • Up to 8 open circuit gases
  • Free CCR upgrade 2015
  • Rechargeable battery giving up to 20-30 hours of diving
  • Charge from empty in 4 hours
  • Digital compass
  • Suunto FusedRGBM
  • Re-settable timer function
  • 150m depth rating
  • Logbook capacity – 200 hours
  • Interface cable included
  • Bungee mount and boot included
  • New Tank POD - up to 8 PODs (Old style transmitter is not compatible)
  • Brushed stainless steel and toughened composite case construction
  • Xensation glass – highly scratch and impact resistant
  • Media isolated pressure sensor
  • Most advanced components on the market
  • Extensive lab testing and thousands of hours of field tests
  • Each unit dived to 100m before shipping
 Front, No Boot, Watch StrapEON-STEEL_FRONT_DOF- - UI-G2metric
Perspective, No Boot, Bungee Strap
Side, No Boot, Watch Strap
Front, With Boot, Watch Strap
EON_FRONT_BOOT_with-dof - UI-G3metric

Perspective, With Boot, Bungee Strap


Further Information

The Suunto EON Steel has arrived at Simply Scuba but they are going quick!     140924Steelandtankpod-left   The EON Steel has passed all of it's tests and requirements and Suunto have started sending them to the UK.  Along with all of the usual accessories Suunto have included a padded case for your Tank POD or other accessories you want to keep safe and secure.


  • Total price computer + tank pod ?

    Chuck ie
  • Yes, the EON Steel has it’s own Wireless Tank Transmitter called a Tank Pod. Older Wireless Transmitters from other Suunto Computers will not work with the new EON Steel. Safe Diving, Mark.

    Mark E Newman
  • Do you need EON specific transmitter or the older ones from Vyper Air/D series work OK?

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your enquiry. Singularly, the Tank Pod and Computer would currently come to a total of £948, however we have the package listed at £915. Kind regards,

    Jack, Customer Care.

    Simply Scuba

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