Suunto EON Core Computer

Suunto have just released their newest dive computer the EON Core.  The EON Core is a smaller cousin to the EON Steel that was their first colour screen computer that has proven very popular and the Core is meant to create a more affordable and lighter version for the travelling diver who still wants a bright colourful screen they can read at a glance but don't need the bulk and weight of the Steel.



What's New?

The main changes are the physical properties that you can see, on the inside it's very similar to the Steel.  There are still some changes on the inside; the first of which is the prominent screen.


The EON Steel had two choices of layout: graphic and numerical, that you could then adjust slightly to your preference.  The EON Core will feature a Prominent screen option that will be somewhere in the middle with one graphical info and three numerical plots.


While the EON Core can have Trimix and CCR modes they are not installed from the factory as the core is more designed for the beginner to recreational diver.  Should you choose to install those modes it's a free upgrade that you can do at any time by connecting to your desktop.


The Core is noticeably smaller than the Steel and much lighter while keeping the same screen size.  The three buttons have been put on one side of the Core keeping it ambidextrous.

The Core has a new magnetic charging cable that will charge the rechargeable battery, update the software and download your dives to your desktop.  Unlike previous USB cables the Core has a powerful magnet to hold it in place so you don't have to worry about the cable coming loose during a download or a charge.

The Core comes in three colours: Black, White and Lime, and comes with a traditional long elastomer strap that you can upgrade to an optional Eon Core bungee strap if you want.


What's Different?

If you've been looking at the EON Steel then it's pretty easy to compare the Core to it. Other than size and weight the Core has a smaller battery, can't go as deep, doesn't come with as much in the box and doesn't have all the modes pre-installed.


Is This The Computer For Me?

While the EON Steel was made for Beginner to Technical Divers the EON Core is a lighter version for Beginner to recreational divers who don't need a lot of the features that the Steel offered.

The Suunto EON Core is a truly powerful computer that will be the only computer most divers will ever need unless you plan to move to some true technical diving.  From your first dive computer that is easy to use and understand to Nitrox and even Trimix the EON Core can change and adapt to your needs so you'll only ever need to buy one dive computer.

Made for the modern diver the Core can connect to your mobile device wirelessly to keep a record of your dives and even share them on social media.  You never have to worry about flooding your computer or bringing it in for a battery change as you can charge it from most USB ports just like a mobile phone.



  • Rechargeable Battery : 10 - 20h
  • Wireless Mobile Connectivity
  • User-updateable software
  • Modes : Gauge / Air / Nitrox / Trimix*/ CCR* (Fixed Point)
  • Multiple tank pressure POD connectivity
  • Tilt compensated compass
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Reinforced composite body

In the box:

  • Computer
  • USB Cable
  • Scratch guard
  • Quick Guide

Optional Extras:


RRP : £599

Max Depth : 80m

Battery Capacity :

  • 930 mAh
  • 10-20h
  • 500 cycles

Dimensions : 8.0 x 5.5 x 2.2cm

Weight : 154g



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