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Suunto Dive Manager 4 For Mac

Suunto have now released a Mac version of their popular dive computer interface software which provides a great link between not only your Mac and dive computer but also their online sport / outdoor activity community at www.movescount.com.


The DM4 software provides a good clean display show previous dive profiles, temperatures, warnings and tissue levels during the dive to name but a few features. It also allows you to plan your next dive and will provide visual alerts for tissue levels, out of air forecasting and decompression stop depths and time. The interface cable is the same as for the PC is if you have used one previous on a Windows machine and have since migrated to a Mac then all you need to do is download the Mac software from http://www.movescount.com/connect/dm4 . The interface cable is available at Simply Scuba here.


Don't forget to sign up for Movescount to join in online and share your dives with your friends via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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