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Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i Software Update

Suunto D9tx, D6i and D4i Software Upgrade 
Suunto have been working on the software features built into their D9tx, D6i and D4i dive computers and have made some improvements. All divers that have one of these units can now bring or send it in to us or your local dive store who will liaise with Suunto to upgrade the software free of charge. This is a completely votuntary update and is in no way safety related. Please note that these upgrades are not compatible with the original D9, D6 or D4 models. The additional features of the upgrade include:
  • Addition of DIVE mode OFF and FREE
  • Addition of Apnea timer
  • D6i upgraded from 2 to 3 nitrox mixes per dive
  • Remaining air time display added to D9tx (already in D6i and D4i)
  • Ability to switch Remaining air time display ON or OFF
  • Improved time alarm functions - Off/Once/Weekdays/Everyday
  Logbook Memory - VERY IMPORTANT! The logbook remains intact after the update on the D9tx and D4i and will be unaffected. However, D6i logs will be ERASED by the update as there is an additional 3rd gas mix option being added to the D6i software. Therefore, it is extremely important that you download any required information before sending the D6i in for update. The total dive summary will still be shown in history. For divers using Suunto DM4 you should also update to the latest version after the update by downloading from Suunto. The process is pretty simple. Bring in or send us your dive computer and we will sort everything out with Suunto and then let you know when its ready for collection or ship it straight back to you. If you are sending your computer back to us please fill in and include our form that we have all the details needed to return the unit or get in touch if needed. Download form here In cases where you are unable to take your computer in personally or send it to a dealer, divers are able to deal directly with Suunto but please note that Suunto will charge a £25 handling fee to cover the administration and returns postage costs.