Stolen Suunto Dive Computers!

We have recently had a number of Suunto dive computers stolen via fraudulent web orders. If you are in the market for a dive computer at the moment we would suggest you check its serial number against these to ensure its not a stolen unit. If you do see any of these come up please contact us immediately. Here is the list of the stolen units:
Product Serial No.
D6 04305167
D6 04305165
D6 94604055
D6 94604042
D6 03803841
D6 03803826
D6 04305168
D6 02305061
D6 04305170
D6 With Stainless Steel Strap 03604442
D6 With Stainless Steel Strap 04004910
D9 02404557
HelO2 94700818
HelO2 03001810
Vyper Air 03605776
Keep yourself protected: If you own a dive computer or in fact any equipment with a serial number, make up a list of the serial numbers, this will help the authorities if they are stolen.

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